DM Looks for New Home

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DM Looks for New Home
Post # 1
After 5 yrs of running an offsite website for Dragon Magick, I the sole owner of TND am transferring what knowledge is posted in over to SoM. And deleting all sites pertaining to the New Dawn.

Unfortunately it does get to be expensive and very time consuming to run your own site. By this move, SoM will gain more Dragon Magick information thus resulting in members being able to stay here to learn. Also the current 80+ members of TND will be able to come to SoM if they are not already members here and enjoy the benefits of having access to all sorts of valuable info, and many wonderful teachers.

SoM has become a community center of sorts for people of all ages to learn, and share the Pagan/Magick lifestyle. SoM gave to many of you, so its time to give back.

I am currently looking at a few options:

~Petitioning Pet to reinstate the Dragon Magick Coven (49)

~Petitioning Pet to allow one of the current dead Covens to be used.

~ Or asking if anyone running a current Coven that is active if they would like to house the information and the members.

Personally I do not wish to run any of the above Covens, if I end up with option 1 or 2, I would seek to put the info in, set the forums to public, and put someone else in the P/PS slots.

For option #3 if any P/PS of another existing Coven would like the chance to house the TND, then please let's hear your proposal.

I would like to have the move done by the end of August.

Dragon Blessings,

~Draggy (HP/TND)
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Re: DM Looks for New Home
Post # 2

Might I say, welcome back Draggy. :P

And do good luck with either choice you listed above (all things I could easily support), I find it almost depressing to hear DM website coming to an end, but "all in due time" as they say...

:) Hope things work out for the best ol' sport.

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Re: DM Looks for New Home
Post # 3
TND will remain as simply an online resource to Dragon Magick practitioners as there are not many currently online. The Clan structure of itself will dissolve immediately, and ties have been made exclusively with the leaders of Legion of Light and Dark to move the information on TND around and use here as they see fit.

Petitions have been sent to Pet, though I do not have the patience to wait for any formal answer. If they do bring a DM Coven back here then I say awesome. I would completely vouch for Darken and Sesa's abilities to run a great one.

And furthermore this isn't a welcome back, but more of a pit stop as I have a hand-fasting to go plan.

Dragon Blessings to all
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Re: DM Looks for New Home
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Congrats on the hand-fasting!
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Re: DM Looks for New Home
Post # 5
Thanks J, that means a lot coming from you.. especially given who the lucky female is. ;)
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