Moon Magick Flex. Spell

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Moon Magick Flex. Spell
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Since, we are near a full Moon, if I may, I would like to share a Moon Enchantment spell I developed over several years of putting it on and off as I could get to it. I had difficulty in the wording for a couple of years and worked on it, until recently, I have been satisfied with my work to finish it. Well, without further ado I present to you;

Moon Charging A Wand
On any night of the Moon shining either, waxing, full or, waning. Of course, the best time would be near full on a clear night, when the Moon seems luminescent, shining brightly;
Go outside with your wand,
look admiringly, at the wondrous sight of the Moon for a moment or so. Many people do this at one time or another (but not with their wand of course). But now, you have a purpose.
Then, point your wand at the Moon. If you have a crystal at the tip of your wand, try to encase or engulf the Moon in the crystal.
Then state the following in an admiring tone;
So beautiful a Moon my eyes do see;
That influences the tides of the sea,
that inspires the hopes and dreams of humanity.
As you light the night enchantingly,
I beseech thee,
energize my wand with your vitality,
to enable my spells to benefit me,
my community and, humanity.
So please, grant me your energy!
Blessed Be.

After "I beseech Thee"
You can change it up here to something that is only limited by your imagination, for example;
Wealth and money draw to me,
To cease my poverty, and increase my PROSPERITY,
For my affluence and luxury.
Wherever money be, money emerges for me to inherit the currency,
By any fortunate financial opportunity,
Then end it with something like
An it harm none nor my family (I added "nor my family" to rhyme)
So, mote this be
and blessed be (remember you are asking the moon for its energy)
Whatever, I hope this works for you. Please, let me know if you tried it, and your results, if you get any. I would appreciate this.
Blessed Be, a paradise for you now, on this good earth.
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