to see a recently dead

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to see a recently dead
Post # 1
Spirit* I learned this about 12 30 last night

So I was outside looking at the stars. When the thought occurred to me. Its night, and its the witching hour. So I raised some energy from the earth beneath me and said" olle olle oxen free, all ye spirits that hide come forth and be seen." Then I clapped my hand. ( I do that instead of a snapping of a finger). (That spell usual for me shows what's out there, I'd seen things ranging from water spirits to shadow people.). Getting to the main part. After 10 minute of my sister and I observing things. ( Nothing big last night a few wondering spirits in their travel form I guess what I'd call it its a flash of white light not big white light more like the size of a thick paint brush). Then I remembered that an elderly lady that I dread helping live in " companion" died within 4 days ago, on a couch which she had me move out of her trailer yesterday.
So I thought well he's out in her backyard somewhere, still sitting on the couch.
So I gathered some more energy from the earth and called him from her yard. ". Spirit of (insert name) I call you forth from where ever you may be, to come forth and be seen in the middle of the road(or what ever place you decide to do put the spirit). I repeated this 3 time and just about on the 4 time I'm about to use a different spirit raising spell he showed, not full formed but just enough so that it looked him. I'm sure I could've got a better form but I was doing all this without a circle, or any material besides my hands. well that's the spell I wanted to share. Happy wensday yall. Ps if you had less than 3 years don't attempt this spell. It could go and probably will go distarious

this is a repost from my coven from about 2 months ago
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Re: to see a recently dead
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

Interesting another form of instant magick. nice :)

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Re: to see a recently dead
Post # 3
not quite instant more like 15 mn.
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