Breaking a curse.

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Breaking a curse.
Post # 1
How do I break a curse?Any suggestions?
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Re: Breaking a curse.
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
you can do a undo spell. your cunningham's way of breaking a spell. think of the curse, put that curse's energy into a candle. meditate on it. put all the energy of the curse into it. when you feel like its full, put it in a bowl or tub of water with the top of the candle poking out of the water. 2-3 inches is fine. light it. stare at the flame and let yourself go into a trance. when the flame sputters once it hits the water, the energy is released. make sure you reinforce the candle to the bottom so it doesnt float in the water. you might want to put wax on the bottom before you put water in. and cleanse your supplies.
you can always try cord magic.
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Re: Breaking a curse.
Post # 3
Ok,thank you very much,bless be!:)
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Re: Breaking a curse.
Post # 4
I'm sorry but I have to disagree with the Method of which you have suggested to Break a Curse, I'm sorry but it won't work, I don't like disagreeing with other Practices, It all comes down to The direction of the Curse, If you cast it upon another then that is simple to remove, I would recommend getting some Chili Powder, not much maybe a some dose, less than a handful sprinkle it in a small circle around yourself and Say a Spell to Revoke or Undo what you Have Done to another, If it was cast upon you, That is a Different story altogether, first you need to understand that they will be punished for Harming yourself, also ALL spells have parameters so they are never permanent, so the Curse will Die off eventually, If in doubt try using Some Protective spells, I would recommend wearing or drawing upon yourself the Rune Eolh with looks like a chicken foot imprint. If you are REALLY desperate to Break a Curse someone has placed upon you, then Prepare a Spiritual Cleansing, Curse don't Directly attack the Physical plane, the mainly hit the Spirit World/ Your Own Soul, which if it becomes harmed it harms you to tell you to help it, So Cleanse it ASAP. Hope that Helps you in your Endeavors.
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Re: Breaking a curse.
Post # 5
2396022,your method worked,thank you! :)
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