Break a weak blood bond??

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Break a weak blood bond??
Post # 1
My ex-best friend and I resently parted ways and almost two years ago we created a blood bond it is weak. I just feel like I need to break it. I don't want to banish her from my life fully, I just need the blood bond broken. Maybe after it's broken we can patch up our relationship. Does anyone have any ideas?
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Re: Break a weak blood bond??
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
you can do a undo spell. your cunningham's way of breaking a spell. think of the blood bond, put that blood bond's energy into a candle. meditate on it. put all the energy of the blood bond into it. when you feel like its full, put it in a bowl or tub of water with the top of the candle poking out of the water. 2-3 inches is fine. light it. stare at the flame and let yourself go into a trance. when the flame sputters once it hits the water, the energy is released. make sure you reinforce the candle to the bottom so it doesnt float in the water. you might want to put wax on the bottom before you put water in. and cleanse your supplies.
you can always try cord magic.
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Re: Break a weak blood bond??
Post # 3
Blond Bond is a type of Old Blood Magick, Blood Magick is very old and very Sacred, In Ancient Times when you Shed blood for another you have pledged yourself to them and them to you, it was rather popular to become closer to Deities, It is nearly impossible to break because you have sworn an Oath to another that is Older than Witchcraft itself, from what I know the only way to break it is if you and this person come together on the Night of Samhain and revoke from yourselves, Say that you release each other from your Contract and it should break
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