My birthday/ full moon

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My birthday/ full moon
Post # 1
hi everyone my birthday is coming up on the 13th and it happens to be on a full moon, id like to do something special has anyone any ideas on what i can do (spells, rituals etc)any ideas would be appreciated as i understand a full moon helps to do certain spells :)

oh and if anyone knows anyway to do something special for the goddess Arianrhod, like a ritual or an offering???
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Re: My birthday/ full moon
Post # 2
What a co-inki-dinkey (coincidence). I just happen to have finished authoring a Moon enchantment that can be adapted to different spells. Allow me to break it down for you;
On any night you see the Moon shining either, waxing, full or, waning. Of course, the best time would be near full on a clear night, when the Moon seems luminescent, shining brightly;
Go outside with your wand,
look admiringly, at the wondrous sight of the Moon for a moment or so. Many people do this at one time or another (but not with their wand of course). But now, you have a purpose.
Then, point your wand at the Moon. If you have a crystal at the tip of your wand, try to encase or engulf the Moon in the crystal.
Then state the following in an admiring tone;
So beautiful a Moon my eyes do see;
That influences the tides of the sea,
that inspires the hopes and dreams of humanity.
As you light the night enchantingly,
I beseech thee,
energize my wand with your vitality,
to enable my spells to protect me,
grant a healing quality,
and permit my prosperity.
So please, grant me your energy!
Blessed Be.

After "I beseech thee" you can substitute whatever spell you can fit into this i.e., I hope my birthday brings me a present of good news and prosperity.
then end it with something like;
By the powers of three times three
So Mote This Be!

Whatever, you can change it up. You're a bright person. I hope this works for you. Blessed Be.
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Re: My birthday/ full moon
Post # 3
Thank you very much that's going to be very useful :) blessings
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