Enchanted Amulet/Talisman

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Enchanted Amulet/Talisman
Post # 1
I practice old magic, from three main sources: Graeco-Egyptian papyri, Hermetic texts, and medieval grimoires. I specialize in creating talismans and amulets, but also do ritual work (example: confidence, curse-breaking), and can offer advice or magical mentoring.

Price varies upon service requested; my time is not cheap, but magical work is a pleasure and I make very little profit. Ask for pricing in any of the following services:

1.) creation or enchantment of an object with requested powers
2.) enactment of a spell to bring about a desired result
3.) instruction and help with one's own magical work.

Message me - advice is free!

e-Bay store with talismans and amulets coming soon, as powerful as I can make them. I am taking requests now, as they can take weeks to create.

One or two well-known members of my choice will receive a free talisman in return for giving an honest review of its power or lack thereof. These members will NOT be chosen yet, so don't bother asking, please. However, the first two members to buy an enchanted object will be on top of the list for an extra free one.

Please private message all requests; this thread is for general questions and reviews only.
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Re: Enchanted Amulet/Talisman
Post # 2
May I advise putting a list of the amulets/talismans that you are best with? It might help you grab more customers if they see an amulet or talisman that they know of and would like to have.
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Re: Enchanted Amulet/Talisman
Post # 3
That's a great idea - thanks!

This is by no means a complete list, but off the top of my head, here are the purposes I feel most competent at imbuing in objects:

1.) Mental magic for the practitioner: help with anxiety, stage fright, lack of confidence, personal charm, and similar.
2.) Mental magic for others: charming, convincing, spurring the divulging of secrets, intimidation, and similar.
3.) Assistance in your magical work: possibly the most-requested; this includes protection against magical attack, provision of extra energy for your own spells, and help in perceiving and summoning spirits.
4.) Material gain: attraction of wealth, general good fortune, protection against accidents and thieves, and success in business dealings.

There is a fifth category: amulets of health, healing, and protection against disease. However, I do not like to make these unless I have been assured that the customer has already taken every NON-MAGICAL route; and if the customer is ill and needs healing, and they have already consulted a medical doctor (IMPORTANT), then I will create the good-health amulet for free. I feel it is not right to profit off of someone's ill fortune. Be warned, however, that if you are not ill and try to get a free healing amulet, it will be useless - you're already healthy. If anything, it will be as poison to you.

I am, of course, open to other ideas; if you don't see the enchantment you desire, rest assured there are many more - I have an entire shelf of books devoted to the subject!
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Re: Enchanted Amulet/Talisman
Post # 4
would you give advice on how to properly make a talisman or amulet for health?
My mother has uncurable diseases and i would like to help her eliviate any pain or maybe even cure some of the symptoms.
I have researched many different ways to do this, just wanting some advise from an actual person.
If it helps, she has multiple sclerosis, graves disease, and fibromialgia. she is always in pain, loses feeling in les and hands, nausiated often, pain in eyes from bulging, and a lot of headaches.
I thank you for any advice or suggestions you have.
Blessed be.
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Re: Enchanted Amulet/Talisman
Post # 5
Do talisman help store a sorcerer's power?
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Re: Enchanted Amulet/Talisman
Post # 6
i have a gecko talisman/amulet and i don't know how to charge it and what is it really for.
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