Dealing with the leeches

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Dealing with the leeches

Dealing with the leeches
By: / Novice
Post # 1
A psychic leech ot psychic vampire is a person who steals enetgy from another leaving them weak fatigued sick or in rare cases knocked the bleep out

Usually the leech is unaware of what they are doing and are only leeching to bring balance to themselves but not in all cases

A few things to do to deal with the leeches

1) visualize a cord connected to the base of your skull connected to the leech then "set it on fire" with your minds eye and watch the flameove down the rope to the leech this method somewhat "Burns them and makes them less likely to reconnect"

2) if you or another person has a hard time seeing the rope and burnig it ser the cord and that your hand like they are scissors move the scissors over the rope and snipe it this will not stop them from reconnecting but will give you some time

3) do healing work on the vamp if you know how and find their internal disturbance and try to work it out or tell them they need a lot of rest and self focus to cure themselves but I only suggest telling them that if they know magick

When you cut the cord no mater the method ground and shield yourself as soon as possible to help stop them from connecting to you again it's also helpful if you can create a shield made of flames that will prevent the cords from conecting to you in general in most cases unless it's intentional leeching

There's many other methods of helping against leeching but these are the ones I have use and that I am comfortable recommending please feel free to add your own methods
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Re: Dealing with the leeches
Post # 2
What's stooping it from happening again? A Psychic vampire needs that energy, it's body adapts and takes it, there not evil, it's a subconscious happening.
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Re: Dealing with the leeches
Post # 3
Good work Kandi. I visualise tentacles coming from them to my heart chakra, and just visualise severing them. Well, if you employ a simple cloaking method that you can quikly re-enforce, it doesn't usually get to that point anyway :)
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Re: Dealing with the leeches
By: / Novice
Post # 4
If they get burned enough in their subcountious when they connect to people and people are always te 1st victims it seems I guess because it's easier to connect to own kind but eventually they will begin to subcountiously connect to thi gs in nature instead and though still my good nature can handle it more than people
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