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Love something
Post # 1
What do you love? How do you know? The word love is among the most misused of all. Romantic love? That changes often and quickly, and may more aptly be said as potential love. Longing, desiring? These are wishes. "I just loved that roller coaster!" That is excitement. Worry? Also in the wish department.

So what is it and how, you might be asking, does this relate to magic(k)? One way might be to notice what are the things to which you give care. What in your life is like a warming fire? Treat fire recklessly, and it may burn everything around it. Starve it of attention, it will die. Tend it with awareness, and it gives warmth in return.

Why should energies, or spirits, or elements, or deities assist you if you don't love them in a caring and ongoing way. What would be the quality of their help if you do nothing but demand? Why would they not bestow harm on you if all you ask for is harm or revenge?

How can we understand anything, without giving it sufficient attention to be understood?

The purpose of magick (as I understand it) is to affect yourself, and to effect change. Love it.

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Re: Love something
Post # 2
Why would the goddess or god harm us, we have a connection with them, we should honor them regularly, and personally i try not to ask the goddess or god of much, because sometimes it's a butterfly effect.

Eg. I ask for money, it must come from somewhere, so i may be taking it from someone else, so i try not to ask for much.
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Re: Love something
Post # 3
In my view, love is a verb. Loving is something that we do, although it is asscociated with particular emotions :)
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Re: Love something
Post # 4
Truely you spoke well.i love the elements,thats why they always make my spells work for me,together with my believe and focus.LOVE is a great force we should pay attention to.
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Re: Love something
Post # 5
Love is pure
Love is life
Love is endurance
Love is a connection of two hearts to become one:)
Love conquer all
Love is faultless
Love has no begining and no end.
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Re: Love something
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
to me Love is the soul's willing desire to become one with a or many conscious forces, so much so that you are transformed with a renewed mind, thus altering/transforming your consciousness, your actions, and your emotions to a new unified being with the joint well-being of what was once you and that conscious force. personally i feel one should love them self first before any other forces.

To me, Respect is the conscious acknowledgement of a beings existence. and to acknowledge anything, to me, has some degree of care. yes, there are levels of respect that will build an understanding with a being but that level of respect is earned not just frivolously given.

I find when it comes to the desire for a presence of any being that a call of admiration beacons there attention and they are grateful to be recognized thus bestowing there energies to our favor.
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