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Post # 1
As requested, some thoughts on scrying. I mostly use the medium of fire, simply because this is my favoured practice. You can scry with just about anything, even into the middle distance of your vision. I like scrying with natural forms, like a mass of leaves on a tree. I also favour water, in the form of a dark bowl filled with water, with black ink added to give depth. Anything with shape and depth will work. Smoke is nice, and dark mirrors work for some people.

When scrying, success is completely down to preparation. You have to prepare you mindset, your space, and your intent. Furthermore, if you are not already adept in visualisation skills, you are not likely to succeed.

So, a simple exercise to improve your visualistion. Stand in front of a white wall, and holding your arm in front of you, use your index finger to trace a number 7. Repeat this, focusing on the action, until you feel ready to use your finger as a paint brush. Visualise yourself painting the number with red paint, until it is actually visible to you.

You know when you stare at a bright image on paper, then look at a wall, the image is echoed as the opposite colour? This is the effect you are looking for.

When you can paint the number, turn around for a moment, then do it again. Increasing the time before you come back will increase your skills.

Now, to prepare your mindset. I use a light trance for this. The object is to unclutter your thinking. If your thinking is rowdy, then your images will be rowdy too. You need a clean canvas, if you like. I sit in front of my fire outside, and play my drums. This is a semi-hypnotic kind of trance state. The same can be done inside with a candle, although I have had no joy with candles.

You will benefit from creating a sacred space for your effort. This can be done during trancing, or, by actually casting a circle. Hypnotic music will help a lot. Also, if you have any worry that you are going to be disturbed, this will hinder your success.

Now to the scrying. You should bless your medium, according to your path. Make sure that your question is clearly in your mind. Say it out loud. Ask open questions. For example, instead of asing "Will I get this job?", ask, "What can I do to ensure I get this job?". Remember that scrying is not physical. The energies of your medium and yourself will be merging, like the relationship between yourself and your tarot deck. It is not the fire you are reading, but rather the energy of the fire. Look for the images within, rather than the pictures of the flame. There should be no seperation between your energies. That is not to say that you will not see the images, - you will. It is more that there is a meeting place in the energies, - a resonnance. It is in the common ground that your images will be found.

I have said before, that the state you are looking for is one of 'zoning out', like when you are bored in class. I continue to drum through the whole experience, it helps to free my mind. Any heady incense will help too.

As for interpretations of the images, I tend to think that these are personal. Most of what we see is a manifestation of our own sub-conscious, so we are the best people to understand these. Images will reveal to us hidden dynamics and interplays in our selves and in our situation. Of course there is much symbolism that is universal, and these are easily found in various sources of different paths.

Please ask if you require further clarifiction.

~ Zebrah
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Re: Scrying.
By: / Novice
Post # 2
LOVELY post zebs thanks for this :)
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Re: Scrying.
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
awsome!!! as always, lol
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Re: Scrying.
Post # 4
That was brilliant!!! Keep it up zeb
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Re: Scrying.
Post # 5

Very very very nicely done Zebrah, as always:) For scrying, I've worked with fire, water, pendulums and black mirrors. I find working with a mirror for scrying is more effective ( for me) , but that's just me.

Thank you for this:)

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Re: Scrying.
Post # 6
I had this tree once ,and i would always just look at it and go into trance. :D i felt i may have been scrying :D although i just may have been day dreaming.
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Re: Scrying.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
This is awesome Zeb
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Re: Scrying.
Post # 8
um 7 is yellow for me. maybe i'll try 5 its blue green

yeah i am weird
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