i need a mentor/teacher

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i need a mentor/teacher
Post # 1
I started studying for almost two months now. I still haven't preformed any spells because i wanna make sure i know exactly what i'm doing and that ill be safe if i do actually do one, and not mess up.
so far i've gotten pretty far, i know a lot of the background history, where it came from, and how people used to use it compared to today. i know a lot of the full moons and gemstones and herbs, and what they're good for and when to use it all.
I think the most trouble i have is casting a circle, why we cast circles, when to cast a circle, and like, whats the right way to do it without having a coven by your side.
I don't know nearly anything about black magic.
I'm terrible with tarot cards, divination, numerology, or anything of that sort.
I also don't know litteraly anything about chukuras? i don't think that's how you spell it, or even if that's the right word. haha.
I've tried to read posts and stuff on here, but im not the brightest crayon in the box, and i just don't understand what they're saying. haha.
i wanna know as much as possible!
So, if your a teacher and would teach me that'd be great!
Or if you know how to point me in the right direction to a teacher that'd be nice too(:
thanks guys!
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Re: i need a mentor/teach
Post # 2
i need a teacher two i only did a spell once and i think i worked it was a rain spell i did it at reaces at school it started raining at night but at the weather channle it said it was going to rain any way so yea well me sister has friends who know magic but if i asked her to ask her friends to teach me she going to say mean stuuf to me so yea i hope when school starts i couled find friends who couled help me and teach me.:) -_- T_T -_- :)
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Re: i need a mentor/teacher
Post # 3
you shouldnt do spells untill you learn
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Re: i need a mentor/teacher
Post # 4

You don't have to have a mentor. However, if you need one, or you'd like somebody to help you out a tad bit, join a coven. There are a few active covens with structured classes and very experience people who are willing to help people who are serious about the Craft. And like Diana said, first learn the basics, and then cast any spells. You need to have a strong structure before attempting to cast any spells.

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