Create a herbal book

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Create a herbal book
By: / Novice
Post # 1
How to press herbs or plants into your own Book

chose the herbs you want in your book

Place a piece of cardboard about the size of a cereal box front on a flat surface . Fold a few pieces of newspaper and place them on the cardboard. Set two to three pieces of printer paper on top of the newspaper.
Lay the herbs onto the paper in a single layer with no pieces touching. Try to set the pieces as flat as possible and arrange them how you want them to look when they are pressed flat.

Place a sheet of printer paper over the herbs you have in place carefully, so you don't disturb the placement of the herbs. Set two more pages of paper over the first.
Put a few sheets of folded newspaper on top of the printer pages. Repeat adding printer paper, herbs, printer paper and newspaper until you have all the herbs you want to press in place, in one big stack. Place one last set of folded newspaper over the top layer of printer paper.
Set the remaining piece of cardboard on top of the top newspaper. Position a heavy book or a couple of bricks on the cardboard to literally press down on the paper layers and herbs. Leave the press alone for two to three weeks as the herbs dry in their new shape.
then take off paper top down, slowly pulling away each sheet of paper and collecting the pressed herbs. If the herbs still appear damp, put the press together again and wait another can store the dry flattened herbs in a labeled envelope, so you don't forget what herb it is.

the Book part is the fun part.
Now you get to add the the dry herbs to your book, i suggest paper protectors over the paper after you attach the herb and write in the medicinal benefits, write in any recipes or spells also that is used with the herb
any notebook/3 ring binder/blank book of your choice will work. use your imagination and have fun and enjoy :)
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Re: Create a herbal book
By: / Novice
Post # 2
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