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Newbies' Guide
By: / Novice
Post # 1
Newbies' Guide for Survial and Growth

For everyone here is some life lessons I learned through out the years. These are just what I follow so some may disagree(numbering for easier reading).

1. You can be open-minded but do not let yourself be taken advantage of. Be very careful. Do not let peoples' rants about religions brainwash you into something your not sure about.
2. Don't do anything you do not feel comfortable with.
3. Watch what you read, especially online. Some sources are not reliable.
4. Do not pay for lessons online(What I mean is you do not have to pay to learn everything).
5. If you find a teacher or coven etc. Make sure they will respect you, and not treat you badly.
6. If you do not have a lot of materials do not despair. You can use things like household objects, common spices, tap water, sticks and anything outside. That is how I started at first. Even special jewelery. Or get ideas from Scott Cunningham's Earth Power and other sources. You can even try making spells with the food you eat. Even with soap, washcloths, etc.
7. Be creative :)
8. Read samples of books on book selling sites. Some have a look inside option. It is better than nothing :).
9. Careful of who you meet online.
10. Do not harm yourself for a spell or ritual.
11. If you think you are "cursed" relax and do not let it get to you. Do not "fuel the fire".
12. Careful with trying to meet spirits(Everyone has their own opinion though).
13. Make sure your in a good mood if your practicing magic. Feel relaxed, confident, and focused.
14. I suggest always working on visualization, it can be very useful.
15. Have fun and experiment.
16. Try to balance physical activity with spiritual activity and vice versa.
17. Try to go outside and connect with nature :)
18. Old nick-knacks can be useful like dice. :)
19. Ask family members about old remedies. Often a lot have to do with herbs and easy to obtain items.
20. Even scientific books on crystal structures, plant encyclopedias, wild life, and marine animals can be useful.
21. History books are also useful(ones on ancient world history too).
22. Poems and literature can help with seeing things in different perspectives as well as learning about symbols.
23. Learn what you wish, do not let your "sign" tell you what to learn.
I hope that helped you all.
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Re: Newbies' Guide
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

I think this thread is very helpful and i advice people to stick for it .Maple you have done excellent work and have shown initiative to use your experience in order to guide people and help them .

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Re: Newbies' Guide
Post # 3
I second that. Nothing beats the words of those who have some living under their belts :D
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