Key words for the ace of

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> Key words for the ace of

Key words for the ace of
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 1

Ignition- this is the passion that springs in to play as we embark in our goals.
Energizing- this is the deep burning we feel in our gut the driving force behind all our ideas.
Expansion- as the flame of power burns it gets brighter and brighter till we are consumed with in our will to achieve.
Creativity- as we grow and expand we start to find focus and direction and so our creative side can develop and mature.
Power- fire breads fire and this is our goal to grow strong and take on the things we never thought we could do.
Confidence-we are now seeing and feeling the green light, the path has been cleared and we can move ahead without the fear of being held back
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Re: Key words for the ace of
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Reversal of the ace of wands
If I was doing a reading and the ace of wands came out in reverse I would ask the client if they felt they was stuck and felt unable to move on, they may feel stuck and in a rut or scared to take the next step.
The card is all about opening doors and giving you the go ahead to take on the next step in life?s challenges, maybe the client may be of a timid nature and lacks the confidence to brake free and set the wheels in motion.
This card in reverse can also symbol lack of motivation and skill, if therefore unable to accept that life has a lot to offer and they are not alone as the hand is a symbol of strength and divine intervention, so maybe they would need a few words of encouragement to help them on their way.

this is just an example of reading this card, look at the card and see what you feel from it
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Re: Key words for the ace of
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Wands and fire
In my personal view if I was to deal a spread that contained more wands then I would give the reading based on their personal goals and passions.
Let?s say a lady comes to me and she is studying further education, this lady would feel passionate about the course she is studying and wish to achieve her goals in life.
If the cards was dealt with cups maybe she or he would be very passionate and have a loving caring nature, who wishes to make a happy home.
The fire element is our spark, it?s what makes us find the drive we need to get up and go, it ignites our passion to strive forward, our inner ambition to better our selves.
Combine this with the wands and you have a very powerful driving force, which burns brighter as the air element feeds the flames of passion.
Fire is also a purifier so releasing unwanted toxins that can hold us in stagnation, thus freeing ourselves to move forward with our own personal achievements.
Going back to the wands, this also to me shows progress as the leafs is a symbol of growth, so combining both wands and fire I would say personal growth
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Re: Key words for the ace of
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
great post!
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