Finding you Energy

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Finding you Energy
Post # 1
I'm adding to this to give a quick hand to people who don't yet know how to connect with their peronal energy (chi) but are too shy to say :D

This is what you can do..
Sit in a comfy positin and relax. Vigorously shake out your arms, hands and fingers. Then, put your hands in the prayer position, only about an inch apart.

Close your eyes and focus on what you can FEEL between your hands. Usually, at first, you will feel a tingly sensation. This is the bio-electricity of your chi. When you have established this, start over again.

After a few goes, you will feel a force between your hands. It feels like two magnets pushing apart. This is your chi getting stronger.

When this is easy, try squashing it, stretching it, moving it about. You are now manipulating your energy.

With practice, the force will grow. Mould it like clay. Soon you will be able to create a sphere from it. This is called a psi ball.

A lovely way to practice this is with a friend. Sit cross legged opposite each other and put your palms almost against each other's. You will feel their chi, they will feel yours. Also, you will feel the mixture of the two energies. Now you are an energy worker ! :D
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Re: Finding you Energy
Post # 2

Thank you for this thread, Zebrah. I also heard rubbing your hands together before. Probably one of the common ones. :S A book suggested after you can make energy spheres well enough, to try to make other shapes as well like cubes and such.

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Re: Finding you Energy
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Sorry if this question looks dumb.
But whats the point in manipulating your chi?
I'm new to all this stuff.
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Re: Finding you Energy
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
It can help you remain balanced and centered. This is good both within spellwork and in every day life, as it can help you maintain somewhat of a more even keel in all things.

In further exploration of chi and energy work you can also use it to work spells and magic to augment your ritual work, or to stand alone without all of the ritual.
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Re: Finding you Energy
Post # 5
Oopsy. Please excuse the typo in the title. Should be 'your' not 'you'. XD
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