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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Elemation

By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Hi everyone im posting this again because I couldn't find it.

Now I was experimenting a little with grounding and chakra's and with thought and testing it myself I found it was successful. Now the reason I named it Elemation is because it was meditation what involved an element and I sort of put the two together. Now when I did this I found it drained me so I thought in stead of giving me more energy it was taking it away from me but when I went to sleep and woke up the next morning I found myself feeling energized and refreshed and also powerful in some sense. Now before I tell you how to do this I want to make it clear that this might not work on some people as I am the only person who has done this I cant be sure it will work on everyone. So enough with the boring bit now onto the real thing what you came on here for:

Elemation I found helps with your chakra's, chi, energy and your focus all in one now to do this you need to have meditated before you start this and then you sit back into your meditating position and breath in through your nose and out through your mouth get into a pattern of doing this. Now like other meditations your asked to block everything out but this one isnt the case. I want you to block out your imagination and your thoughts and just listen, listen to the way you breath and listen to the clock or anything around you and once you have listened to all of these things around you at once concentrate on listening to outside noises like passing cars and listen to how far they can go until they are out of your ears distance. once you have done this for quite sometime you should be able to listen far away more than you normally could. If done correctly you will feel drained and extremely tired but this is normal just go for as long as your body can. I have now got to the stage where I can listen to the wind brush through each blades of grass in my garden and if I concentrate on in my room I can just hear my own heartbeat and with more practice I suppose you will discover new things what you can hear. Thank you for taking your time into reading my meditation and please give me feedback on what you thought about it as it would be great for some views on others apart from my self.

Thank you everyone

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Re: Elemation
Post # 2

It is right here:

Next time: Just look in your history to find something you posted or posted on. :)

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Re: Elemation
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Oh yer lol i allways forget you have a history lol thanks esprit
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