Helping a friend

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Helping a friend
Post # 1
I have a friend in need. I have done everything I could to communicate with her about her abusive boyfriend. I've been browsing the spells to find something appropriate, but does someone maybe have a good suggestion for a spell to help her find the strength and wisdom she needs to make the right decision in her life?
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Re: Helping a friend
Post # 2
Instead of using magic to solve problems or issues. You need to keep talking to your friend. And give her the best and good advice you possibly can. If she needs help talk to her or your parents about the situation.

Magick dose not solve every little thing in life. It was not meant to be used that way. Well its what i believe in. Everyone has their own beliefs.
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Re: Helping a friend
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
i agree. magic is not your answer here. you and your friend need to talk this out, the police should be involved. does your firends parents know about this? i strongly recommend telling her parents
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Re: Helping a friend
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
While I agree magick does not solve every issue in life, I like your ideas as to what sort of spell you are looking for and think it would actually be beneficial.

I would suggest making one to help her see her own self worth. In abusive relationships, the victim tends to not have any self worth left, it is part of a process (that could have even begun before the boyfriend showed up) in which the person needs to be broken down mentally. Many times they make excuses for their abuser or see it as something they "deserve". In truth, not many people have the courage or strength to leave the relationship.

Assuming you know about magick and spell casting to begin with, I would strongly encourage a self written one (as the emotions you pour into it will be more direct than a spell by anyone else) for courage and self worth. The best you can do other than that is to be her support system.
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