Which Element I am??

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Forums -> Introduce Yourself -> Which Element I am??

Which Element I am??
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I don't know which element I am, and it really bothers me. I am new in this so i would love to know which element I am? How can i know it?
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Re: Which Element I am??
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
In truth, it matters very little. Your element does not define you, or otherwise offer you any special abilities or character traits. What element you "are" is more a matter of which one you feel is most closely akin to your personality.

It is more a measurement of your psychological ability to connect to the traits described within a particular element.
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Re: Which Element I am??
Post # 3
Basically finding your "element" is just the baby step into channeling energies until you get to the point of universal vibrations. No it doesn't define who you are or personality traits as Awake said. So in short you're looking for what you can access more easily and once you get a feel for that one you can move to the next one. So go with what you are drawn to the most. Earth, water, air, fire, spirit. You can mediate on them to see which one pops out or what just feels more natural for you. Usually following your gut on stuff like that is the best bet but remember to mediate :)
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Re: Which Element I am??
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
hey lady I can tell you which element you are this is how a was taught how to find my own element:

Sit in the meditating position and breath in through your nose and out through you mouth and think of each element like Earth: a forest, Air: the clouds moving really fast, Water: a stream of water or a lake,Fire: could be a bush fire or a volcano and Spirit could be this white mystical fog or a human being. and once you have a clear picture in your mind start flicking through them and go faster each time and then you should be seeing each one of them for a split second and the element which feels strongest to you (not the one you prefer.) but the element which feels like you and your certain its your then that element should stand out more than the other pictures in your mind and theres your element. :) I hope this has helped
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Re: Which Element I am??
Post # 5
I think it's whichever one one you feel most attracted to or if you want you could start by which signyour element is and work woth that.
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