Tidal Wave Dream?

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Tidal Wave Dream?
Post # 1
Hey guys i wanted to post this on about these dreams i keep having, I am still learning a lot about dream interpretation.

I keep having dreams of tidal waves or tsunamis. Either about them in general, or have the ability to create them in some way. But Its only in the ocean. It's like when I'm standing near the edge of the ocean, I stare far out and start feeling energy growing. And a few secs later I start to See a small tidal wave coming towards me. And as it dose its gets a little bigger. And when it's gets closer to me I put my hand out towards it and stop it with blue energy shield that can grow as tall as the sky. Also this only happens with ocean water and not lakes etc.

I feel like maybe i have a strong connection to water or the ocean in general. I am not sure it could be just a dream. What do you guys think?
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Re: Tidal Wave Dream?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
You probably have a string connection to water. But the wave and the shield has to mean something. I see it has you stepping into a situation (water) and you seeing it and feeling a problem grow bigger (wave) but then you chose to block it (shield) and the problem gets bigger and bigger...(rising wave) I get really deep sometimes.....I CAN BE COMPLETLY WRONG. so don't take my explanation. You can always use the dream interpreter in this site
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Re: Tidal Wave Dream?
Post # 3

The person above is a quite right on some things, but on some maybe not.

I'm good at dream int and symbolism, so I can probably tell you what most of these mean; in a nutshell.

Tidal Wave/Tsunami:

Symbolises turbulance, problems, cleansing. A destructive end, but followed by a new start. Usually found if going through relationship problems. Incoming problem that will sweep you away.


Protection, Inability to accept, blocking, shunning away. Could imply that maybe you are ignoring a problem? Or just protecting yourself from emotions that are coming to you. I forgot to mention, Tidal Waves can also represent mixed emotions.

And water may well be your affinity, but I doubt such a thing would come to you in a dream. Maybe. Perhaps. Unlikely. Your element is the one you feel most connected to, comfortable with, represents you, your personality, etc.

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Re: Tidal Wave Dream?
Post # 4
i once told some one that i had never dreamed of water,a few days later it was raining in my dream.did you talk of water to some one before you had the dream?
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