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Seekers of Wisdom Website
Post # 1

Seekers of Wisdom

Is a Pagan and Occult related website that I have created for members to join located @ the following URL:

The goal is to learn and share about Magic, Paganism, The Occult and related subjects of Mind, Body, and Spirit. It is a resource and tool to help those that are interested and or dedicated to their spiritual growth, enlightenment, and well being.

The site offer member who join many amazing features and opportunities. The following are some of the features that we offer:

  • Customizable Profiles With Profile Apps & Personal Music Players
  • Full Featured Forum with extensive forum categories and features
  • Classes and Lessons-Now Accepting Students for Enrollment
  • Create/Join Customizable Member Groups/Covens
  • A Site Chat Room with Audio/Video Broadcasting Features
  • A Complete E-Book Library (Featuring many popular Pagan and Occult Titles) and other Downloadable Content
  • A Site Wikipedia Section-Members can View/Add Archived Articles, Documents, and Texts.
  • A Videos Page-Members can view and add Pagan and Spiritual Videos
  • A Photo's Page-Members can post and share Pictures, Artwork, Images etc.
  • A Site Blog-Members each have their own personal blog to post as they wish
  • A Complete Section on Dreams with an Extensive Dream Dictionary with Symbol Interpretations
  • A Site Book of Shadows-Containing Magical Info and Instructions
  • A Spells Section where members can view and submit Spells
  • A Section on Divination and Tarot-Good for Beginners
  • An Herbal Section with many lists and useful info and recipes etc.
  • Magical Correspondences-To Help in your Workings
  • Pagan and Magical Widgets displaying Daily Info
  • A Moon Phase Widget
  • Much More

To learn more or if you want to join please visit:

You can also find a direct link to the website by clicking on the Groups tab here on SoM then by clicking on the sub tab Directory . Then click Adult under Virtual Covens

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Re: Seekers of Wisdom Website
Post # 2

Why all the bold? o.O

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Re: Seekers of Wisdom Website
Post # 3

Because I am as blind as a bat, and a friend showed me how to prevent me from squinting everytime I tried to read the text on here LOL.

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