odd question

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odd question
Post # 1
Admist my daily swimming time, I actully had a question involving atunement to land.

More recently my house that I was living at was burned due to a propane stove malfuncation. I was attuned to the land that its on, I think I never really explored that deeply into it, I was more happy that I had land that I could actully experience nature in. ( Moved to that house 10 years ago). I felt some sorta connection to the land that in someway said hello to me.
Flash foreward to june 22nd when the house burned down, and that's when I did the respectfully thing of saying good bye to the land since I was no longer going to be living there, and since in a way everything is connected I didn't want to seem rude and just leave some place I've been for 10 years, without dropping a word that's just tack to me. Anyway I have been back there a few times to gather some unburnet items, and the ground seemed silent. Like it was in schock or something. Getting to my point, I tried doing my usual tricks of calling some wind to cool off another, and the wind rose a little like a tiny ripple in a pool. When I tried getting to go a little higher it just died. Is it possible for land to go into schock?

I mean the grass grew like normal, a old oak tree branch which was in. Not quite yet full bloom but well on its way there, just dropped like it was fall. That's what got me concerned, I figured the wind trick was just from lack of focus. Anyways, anybody got any idea?

Ps. Sorry this was long, I'm typing and walking at the same time.
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Re: odd question
Post # 2

perhaps is the act of saying good bye you somewhat severed the connection to the land

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