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questions of a newbie
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
i am a 14 year old boy in hongkong whose family never believe in magick...(pity me)
And i can almost be sure i am the newest newbie here...
I have been practising traditional martial arts (and will cotinue) in cluding qigong which i found it having some simularities with magick(like willpower and the concentration of eneygy in ball form)
Well, here are dome questions of myself...
1)is it really neccesary to find my element? If so, how?
2)how to make my meditatiin more effective?
3)what basics should i do before even centring myself(which i have no feeling during the process...)
4)i personally like summoning...(i use summoners in final fantasy wgenever i got the chanse=] )how can i proceed to the place where i can try summoning something?
5)is it necessary to use tools when performing magick?(coz i can never get those...)
Thanks a lot for spending your time on a newbie=]
any advise is welcome:D just don't put foul langgages forth thx again
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Re: questions of a newbie
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
If you practiced more advanced qigong, you will come to find that your chi can do many incredible things. Yes finding your element is important. Better atonement with your element will make your influence over your chi stronger. You don't have to use tools, but they help :P.
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Re: questions of a newbie
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
so maybe i can continue the way of qigong...?
but it seems to be slower...= [
well, i guess it depends
but how to find my element?
As i said, i can't even centre myself...(or did i centred myself already in the practise of qigong? Gosh)
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Re: questions of a newbie
Post # 4
1. No, it's not necessary to find your element. And it doesn't improve anything. It's just another source of power, as all the elements are. Meditate with each one to find which one you're more drawn to.
2. You can use different incense, herbs, or gems to increase your meditative state. I find it helpful (once you find your element) to meditate with it. Mine is fire. I meditate with a lit candle in front of me.
3. Centering is one of the basics. There is a bunch of threads on the basics. If you still have questions, mail me and I'll send you my basics I teach to people.
4. As a fellow witch (FallenStar) has said to others in my presence, don't summon, just ask. How would you feel if you were summoned? Before you even start spell working and workings with other entities, learn the basics.
5. Tools are just a means to help you. They are never necessary. Magick is based on belief, focus, and intent. You can go years without using them, I myself started without them.

Hope this helps.

Blessed Be
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Re: questions of a newbie
Post # 5
No, your not the only newbie here. I too am so very new to magick. Read the forums, a lot of them can really help! Oh and join a coven, that will help as well.
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