An Eternity Lost

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An Eternity Lost
Post # 1
I've known for a long time that I don't belong... But I never knew that I didn't belong anywhere. My mind is battling with itself constantly, and my soul seems to be torn apart in all directions. I've recently had some experience where another saw my soul. She said that it was cloaked in a neon blue robe - a colour I associate with Death. And in my hand, there was an old Ashen staff capped with Silver.. She said I've almost become a Reaper. I've looked a bit into Reaper lore. They don't belong in either of the Realms, either the Material or Etherial/ Astral.. They walk betwen worlds seemlessly, but they can never find a home of thier own..

I've felt like I didn't belong since I was little. Could this mean that I've been slowly becoming a Reaper since childhood? And what should I do about the feelings of not belonging? In most of the majik I use, I need to be well grounded. I've not been grounded for months now.. It's even effected my physical balance (I can't walk for twenty feet before I lose my balance and trip). So, if I could get some help? That'ld be great.. Thanks.
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Re: An Eternity Lost
Post # 2
neon blue is associate with Death??? that's the first time I heard this, in most movie they portray Death as black or gray. the feeling of not belong or "dont fit in" is normal, most of us felt that way at some point in our lifetime. I dont think youre slowly becoming a Reaper. everyone dies, so death is in fact real but.. the Grim Reaper going around collecting soul? I dont think so. Depend on if you believe in him or not
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Re: An Eternity Lost
Post # 3
Your loss of balance could be related to inner ear problems. You should consult a health practitioner :)
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Re: An Eternity Lost
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Agreed, when a problem occurs it doesn't always mean that something related to magick is involved, even when we pratics this foes not make us immune to human ills.
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