LBR Middle P confused :)

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> LBR Middle P confused :)

LBR Middle P confused :)
By: / Novice
Post # 1
I'm very confused about this ritual
Is it better to practice this rituals LBR and MP and Golden cross with eyes closed ?
At the end of the ritual you have formed a white light circle. In the 4 cardinals points you have the 4 ligh tblue pethagrams.
and the 4 tetragrammation of God's name inside the light circle.
Now after the circle is formed you need to turn the circle in to a light sphere.
And you evocate the 4 archangels.So all the evocations are inside to this white sphere.
Wich is the purpose and the extention of this sphere ? The universe ? For reaching the astral plane ?
Which is or are the purposes of this sphere for evocating entities ?
My understanding about the white light sphere looks like a "place" on the astral plane formed to work with someting for "protection" about someting ...entities.
So if i will extend the sphere around my house what wil happen ?

I gave a look how to evocate in to a goetia sigil draw You have the circle maybe the sphere and the triangle with inside the black mirror.
So if the sphere is on the astral plane also the triangle with the black mirror inside must to be on the astral plane ?
I practiced last saturday and sunday the middle pillar only two times last week.I'm new to magick is it normal my third eye "the light point between" the eyebrow still pulsating ?
I had never ever done it before.
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Re: LBR Middle P confused :)
Post # 2
A little research goes a long way. Use Google and type in specific questions.

Here's a start for you:

Good luck.
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Re: LBR Middle P confused :)
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Thank you Stoney.
Well the first link is perfect.
But the second:
If you can't perceive the presence of the 4 archangels it means you have done a mistake in the ritual.
I'm not talking about projecting the 4 archangels images.
Yesterday i've done it 3 times in a row.
but at the third time smell of moisture and water it can be hair conditioned or not but who know.
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