Hello...Again :D

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Hello...Again :D
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i was on here once but deleted my account for personal reasons well here is all i gotta say about myself (im just repasting my bio on my home page :P)

Im a Scorpio male who has been studying magic for the longest time I could remember. Though I have a lot of book smarts I lack in experience, however this shouldnt be a disqualifier for accepting me into a coven. I had a lot of pagan friends who truly didnt know anything about the craft and I was always stuck on the side thinking to myself What the heck! Your problem is so easy even a nube could solve it! Ive only cast two spells in my life and I must say they were easier than I thought it would be (one was a money spell the other a luck spell?no major miracles but it was clearly my own powers at work).

The two types of magic Im really into are healing and money magic. Because I was diagnosed with Crohns disease (a disease that affects your digestive system) Ive been into a lot of healing and nutrition. I also like studding religion, philosophies, and other cultural forms of magic so if you need any help with a spell or just some good advice then talk to me :D The one thing I cant help you with is issues of love, sorry Im clueless when it comes to that :P

Im 19 and in college trying to get a master in creative writing. I love to write, read, and watch a good scary movie. Im looking on here for more than ideas and ways to improve my magic, Im looking for friendship too so please if you want to add me as a friend dont do it and never talk to me again, thats just hurtful ;(

If you want to know anything else about me Im more than happy to chat :)
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