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Forums -> General Info -> Healing,IllnessPrevention

Post # 1
Hello, umm, can someone here share me some information regarding healing and such?

I mean.. I'm currently having problems with common cold right now, and this makes me so weak, it annoys me as well, not to mention my other family members are very susceptible to this virus as well..

Well, I just learned some energy manipulation, that is to visualize a purifying flame to burn and banish these common viruses around the house and in our bodies, it has some effect but... Prevention is better than cure.

I have weak immune system... and I think Chakra Healing and such can help me.. but I have shallow to now knowledge on these.

So, can someone here share me some info regarding energy manipulation, energy pathways cleansing, and chakra cleansing that will enable me and my other family members who have weak immune system to get rid of this common cold as quick as possible (it hampers us on our daily activities) and at the same time, prevent us from catching this common disease again?

Well, yeah, I will combine this with a healthy diet and some exercise (I just hope we can finally buy a bike next Saturday).

And, I also heard of Shaolin Monks... they RARELY get sick... maybe it's because of their constant exercise and energy manipulation techniques like Qi Gong?

Well, when it comes to that, I guess I can combine Qi Gong with healthy diet plus riding my bike everyday outside the house?

(Though I practice Martial Arts too but I'm on a break right now so I will resort on riding around my bike first for some exercise).

Well, I'm afraid I have shallow info on Qi Gong as well.. is this art can be studied at home without any instructor but a book only? I don't have any access to a local instructor here, except if we have to go far away from this city.

So, anyone knows some trusted sources as well in the internet that I can use to study and practice Qi Gong?

Of if there's no hope in studying it without an instructor, I guess daily Chakra and Energy Pathways Cleansing would suffice, oh and cleaning the area of negative energies.

Well, I have to admit some of us have a poor lifestyle now that's why our immune system are so weak, but yeah, I want this common cold to be my last so imma dispose those bad habits starting now haha.

So, any info will help, thanks in advance.
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Re: Healing,IllnessPrevention
Post # 2
Oh I mean, I have shallow to no knowledge on Chakra Healing and stuffs, sorry for other typoes, my brain just don't work really well if I'm sick haha.
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Re: Healing,IllnessPrevention
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Try asking someone on the site for some herbs that will help. I believe I've heard that garlic helps. Ask someone about herbs but, don't use anything unless you look it up on the internet first and find out it is safe.
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