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Forums -> Misc Topics -> "Demon"

By: / Novice
Post # 1
Hello all,
I hope that in this post I will be helping people to understand more about what people call "Demons". Firstly "Demons" are not evil! They are like us, no singal one of us (or them) is 100% good, nor 100% bad. They were branded as being evil by the Christian Church. As was many things corrupted by that particular church, such as many pagan items, The Circle and many ancient books such as the Goetia.

Secondly, we will look at what the word "demon" really means. The word "demon" was taken from the Greek word "Daemon", meaning a divine being with it's own power and energy. Since then the word has been twisted and corrupted by the Xian Churches.?

Thirdly, it is Imporant that you know why, when and how to "summon" them before you do. Unless you have a bond with a "demon" it is important that you call on him/her for a reason. If you ask something of them please make sure that you offer something in return, other wise they will most likely leave and not preform the task that you asked them to do. Don't worry, the item in return will not be anything like what the Christian church makes out to be. I always offer some meat to them. I do this by ritually burning some meat, but I must warn that some meats are very hard to burn with a candle. There are many "demons" that will preform tasks for you should you give them something in return, and believe me it is worth it. "Demons" will help you in many subjects of magick and everyday life, such as:
-Alchol/Drug addictions
-Obtaining Familiars
-Asrtral Projection
-And Many Many More.

Also when "summoning" one you should know that the Circle, in which most Wiccan's and Pagan's use, is pointless. I mean why protect yourself from something you called upon. I see it as pointless and so do many others. It is also very important that you have a bath before you call upon one. This is a sign of respect, which is another important thing. Treat "Demon's" with respect! They are very powerful and are not below us in the order of importance to this universe.?

There is one other key thing, ways of calling upon one of the "Demons" for aid. There are many ways of calling one for aid, but the one that most people would think of is physically. "Summoning" a "Demon" to our plane is one that requires a very long time spent on your chakra's and aura. It also helps of you are open minded towards them, sometimes they will not give you a straight answer. Some of the main ways are:
-Through a Pendulum
-Through a Ouija Board
-In a Dream
-Telepathy (I know it sounds stupid)

Many of these involve the "Demon's" sigil. The Sigil of a "Demon" is like your signature, only you have that one out of all the people out there. Although after you have developed a bond with one of them you do not need his/her Sigil. When you are finished with that Sigil (for good, meaning that you will never use it again) you should give it back to the "demon". To do this you must say "I give you back this sigil (name of "demon"), and thank you for it's use", then you must burn in over a candle and throw the ashes into the wind.?

There is one last thing that I would like to cover with you before I finish this. This is about your "Guardian Demon". I know that many of you will have heard this term before, and will know the meaning. But for those of you that don't, the term is used to describe the "demon" that watches over us. We all have one, but most of us do not want to find him/her. And if we do not want to find him/her then he/she will not bother to look out for us. When we have found our "Guardian Demon" and we have spoken with them, they will try and make our lives better. As mine keeps changing things so that my life gets better. In a shop after school I was short on money at the checkout and a lady tapped me on the back and gave me the money. I thanked her but knew that she was not the cause for this, I later asked my "Guardian Demon" about it and she agreed that it was her doing.?

I hope that you all have learnt from this, and that "Demon's" are not evil.?
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Re: "Demon"
Post # 2
i dont mean to offend anybody, but skeptic as I am, why would a Demon want to help me?
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Re: "Demon"
Post # 3
Thankyou so much for such a clear and informative post :)
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Re: "Demon"
Post # 4
Thanks for the post sonofshadow now i understand what demons really are i knew it that they are not evil at all and your post makes it clear.
one more thing,
i can givesell my soul to demon to get the Wind and energy manipulation with some really good amt of power. :D
and i am not joking. lol

i mean like becoming really strong and powerful by selling a soul or becoming the slave is not that big deal .
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Re: "Demon"
By: / Novice
Post # 5
For The first reply:
It is because they help us to achieve spiritual knowledge and power

For the second reply:
Thanks zeb :D

For the third reply:
I work wish them, and I don't know anyone that has sold there soul? And I'm part of a very big eGroup of Satanist. That thing about selling your soul is a christian lie
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Re: "Demon"
Post # 6
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Re: "Demon"
By: / Novice
Post # 7
That is a good link, but there us more information to be found on
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Re: "Demon"
Post # 8
I think that too but i m not christian
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Re: "Demon"
By: / Novice
Post # 9
Joy of Satan is against Christianity
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Re: "Demon"
By: / Beginner
Post # 10
Really interesting post son of shadows. A few things i didnt know which really helped me with studies
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