Would some one help?

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Forums -> Site Spells Discussion -> Would some one help?

Would some one help?
Post # 1
I was wondering if some 1 would help me out and do a reading for me? I have a cousin named Jason Sprague and for unknown reason he hates me. The other day we went to our uncles funral that is our aunts husband. His father is our uncles half brother. Well at the funrail my cousin spoke and acted like our uncle Mike did everything for him. Yes Mike did alot but my dad did way more for him and he lived with us most the time. My dad pot traid him for Gods sake. Well any way I went to sit next to him after the funrail. And said as him and his girl friend went to stand up I go you have not met my baby yet shes 15 months and he said oh paused and said well. I thought well maybe he said that cause he works out of state. Then I asked for a hug and he said hes not up for hugs but huged every one else and I sent a friend requset on fbook hes never added me nor his mother my aunt Patty for some reason they dont like me and would like to know why?
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Re: Would some one help?
Post # 2
Oh and my aunt told my younger cousin Denise to write her on FBOOK and I said when are you going to add me and she paused and said that she would and hasnt. I just want to know what their problem is and why they hate me. Can any one help and they are the kind of ppl you can go talk to if I could I would not be on asking for help.
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Re: Would some one help?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
It is an old adage, and well worth remembering:-
You cannot please everyone.
There will always be some who like you, some who do not. The only way to deal with it is to accept it. If somebody does not "like" you, then ignore them. After all, if they hate you they are not worth bothering about.
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Re: Would some one help?
Post # 4
Your right and thank you.
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Re: Would some one help?
Post # 5
well first post i felt bad for you second post you sounded whiny i mean really its facebook
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