Authentic Wizardry.

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Authentic Wizardry.
Post # 1
Now I know many people might look at this thread and label me as some. Harry potter fan or what have you.

But that is not the case and I am quite sick of those kinds of people to be honest.

I am seeking information on walking the path of an authentic wizard. So if anyone has any Real good Advice or information. On book suggestions. Etc please let me know.

Also please understand that there are people who in this world still label them self's as wizards and practices as wizards.

One modern man I have come across is Oberon zell ravenheart.

Please do not label me as a world of warcraft player or a Dungeons and dragons player. Because that is not what I think of a wizard as being. And it is very insulting.
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Re: Authentic Wizardry.
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2

The term wizard is just another word for one who practices magical workings. Start with meditation and chakra work. Read as much as you can about the different aspects of magic as you practice meditation and work with your chakras.

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Re: Authentic Wizardry.
Post # 3
I am an Authentic Wizard. Wizardry dose exist.
Wizardry, the art of the wizards(you can be male or female wizard also wizardry isn't a religion) wizardry is a much easier practice than witchcraft with simple easy spells and incantations. In wizardry you create your own power from being in sun/moon light, being in the presence of a holy item(cross,church,holy water,ect.), or by eating sweet food(sounds silly but I'm serious) instead of asking a deity for power. It's main purpose is to make your life more magical with fairies,dragons,elves, and leprechauns :) in wizardry there is nothing dangerous about it you won't get hurt if a spell goes wrong and things like that. You can't control your own fate or destiny with wizardry but you can predict things. There are two forms of wizardry FANTASY and HALLOWEENY or WITCHY. Fantasy spells consist of things like: turn into a mermaid, summon a dragon, attract fairies, find a gnome. Witchy or Halloweeny spells are like: become a werewolf,repel hobgoblins, witches brew and more... Check out my YouTube channel MotionofthePotions99 I do wizardry potion and spell tutorials. :-)
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Re: Authentic Wizardry.
Post # 4
Wizardry, derives from Wise man.

A wizard is another less-common name for a practitioner, but it is used. For example the Wizard of Christchurch, who refuses to use the term occultist as it means secret and Magick isn't a secret.

Wizard is commonly attributed to the fluffy ranks so I for one use Magician.

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