Feelings during casting

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Feelings during casting
Post # 1
I have a question about what I am feeling after a spell casting. Usually a few days after a spell has been done, I will feel these cold rushes through my body. This is not like when you feel the cold air and you get goose bumps, this is a coldness that runs completely through me and is almost painful. I was told I am feeling the spell working, even though the spell is not for me, but for something or someone else. I have tried searching online and have asked a few people who said I was definitely in touch with my energies and that is what I was feeling. Can someone with more experience clarify? Thanks.
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Re: Feelings during casting
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
your experiance reminds me of the phrase " give and it shall be given back to you, pressed down, shaken together, running over, back in good(full) measure." yes! I know from where that phrase is sited from is not in the context as your dilemma, but it seem to fit from the description of your experience.

as practitioners i think it is good to remember that we are responsible for the energy we project. energy never dies and has to go somewhere and i believe it flows in a revolutionary cycle. i am not referring to the intent of your spell but just the energy it self that was used; and that is what you felt when it came bake to you.
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Re: Feelings during casting
Post # 3
My guess is that your putting a whole lot of your own energy into the spell. After which your body becomes weak and draws from natural resources to restore the supply. The cold could be the way you perceive the energy. My suggestion is to ground yourself and draw energy into you before you do a spell. That way not as much leaves you.
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Re: Feelings during casting
Post # 4
This happens all the time. Not just right after the spell. I can be out walking and it will hit me.. Just this past Friday, I was walking back to my condo rental at the beach and the cold energy was so intense I was almost doubled over... When I am trying to go to sleep, it will hit.. I can be fully clothed, long sleeves, pants, socks, tons of blankets and I still have this sensation.. Kind of wild... but it is very intense.
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Re: Feelings during casting
Post # 5
It could be a spirit walking through you, or just being near you
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