Dream (Related or not?)

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Dream (Related or not?)

Dream (Related or not?)
Post # 1
Sorry if what i'm about to post, isn't about magic or anything like that, so please excuse my rudeness of posting a thread about something that probably doesn't have to do anything. I just want to know if there is any signs of my dream, if it's bad or something good, I unno.

Ok, so here it goes. Twice, I had a dream that I was pregnant. I am currently in a relationship, no sex included at the time. The one dream I had, was I was in a random store, watching everyone around me mostly, The dream didn't really show me that I was pregnant (In the dream) till the very end. I just had a medium sized belly (Containing the child) and after the dream, I woke up and my belly had a sharp pain in it.

The second dream is just a short one. I'm in my room (in my dream) and it shows my baby bump, and I can hear my own voice and everything else. like.. "He's going to kill me when he finds out, he's going to hate me forever" That's my exact words in my dream.

Now I don't think this dream is involved in any magic category but I would like to know if this is a bad sign or a good one.. Well the last dream I described, and it sounded not so good. But I'm very confused at the fact that I would have those dreams when I haven't thought of pregnancy or having a kid.

The two dreams happened when I was still in a relationship with my boyfriend (Still am, going 4 months strong) .. Could anyone possibly tell me anything good or bad about the dream? Or is it just a dream.
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Re: Dream (Related or not?)
By: / Novice
Post # 2 puerto rican and grandmother is puerto rican.she saids that when you dream of being pregnant that means someone you know is pregnant.hope this helps
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Re: Dream (Related or not?)
Post # 3
This dream could have nothing to do with pregnancy at all. The statement in your dream "he's going to kill me when he finds out...." sounds like you have some kind of secret you don't want to share. That secret could be manifesting as a pregnancy in your dream. Just an idea anyway :)
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