Wierd happening

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Wierd happening
Post # 1
Ok so I was doing an astral projection, and rite when I was leaving my body something strange happened. I kept switching spontaniously from astral to physical Plane. My eyes were vibrating and it felt very weird. His was my 1st time astral projecting and I was wondering if this normally happens. So please respond and tell me if this is normal or not
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Re: Wierd happening
Post # 2

I remember a story similar to this. There was a storm and when this person Astral Projection they kept flicking back to there Physical Conscious and Astral Conscious.

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Re: Wierd happening
Post # 3

I think this is a part of it, I can't find the rest though:

Avoiding Reality Fluctuations
  • Focus on what you are doing at all times and don't let your mind wander. Keeping control
  • during a projection strengthens it and makes shadow memories stronger.
  • Keep moving at all times and do not stay in one area for too long.
  • Move away from your physical body immediately after the exit and stay at least twenty feet
  • (six meters) away from it at all times the farther the better.
  • Concentrate on forward vision and turn slowly and deliberately.
  • Keep up a running commentary during the projection. Talk aloud to yourself at all times,
  • describing what you are seeing and doing. If your voice does not work, say it in your mind.
  • Do not concentrate on any one object or scene for too long. Observe each object and scene
  • only briefly in passing, noting it aloud, then moving along.
  • Glance briefly at your hands frequently, and whenever reality fluctuates, but not for long
  • enough to cause them to melt. Each time you do this, a small shock wave is sent back down
  • the silver cord to the physical/etheric body. This gives it a small shock that slows its entry
  • into the dream state, thereby strengthening the projected double.
  • End the OBE when reality fluctuations become pronounced, while you still can.
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