June Forecast 2011

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June Forecast 2011
Post # 1
June Forecast 2011


you don't need to agree with me for the forecast i give I always try to provide help for readers !
up coming eclipses a way of transformation or radical changes ? lol
here is the June forecast


travel & trips will go hand in hand this month ,your career will be much more better till next month
as for romance you will meet many new people & can be having a better relationship .


good month for you , income will increase by negotiation at your work place
romantically ,it's a good month for love month's end, travel will become possibly some short trips
your social life will become much more attractive as compare to previous month .


you won't be alone for long, and you will soon find someone far better for your future.
you need to take care of your health matters if you do have any, its possible your source of income will be changed .
This month Pisces will going to have their birth days so celebrate the birth day dear Gemini with joy


spend some time alone to enlighten your self with spiritualism and meditation
love and family matters will stay sound try to focus at your relationship recent issues


this month will give you opportunities to have some social interaction with others
love & family matters will be positive
some good changes are expected in your career or work stay focus


expect some financial gain this month some influential people. will be around you meet them so be ready


family life will be little bit aggressive try to avoid conflicts remain very positive now.
travel is possible ,your financial future looks very bright you can start a business plan or project to gain more financial growth
enlightens your self with hope, peace and harmony careful about taking hasty decisions


you will think to make a serious commitment in love your relationship should improve noticeably. Your partner will be more optimistic and happy


there is still love and truth within you If you are single and not dating, you may find someone new.& your love life will also get a big boost too in this lovely month
In business, you will find people who truly are good for you, family matters will be positive


June will give you an average go, watch out for your health family and relationship matters will be average this month
Last month as I told that you can expects better news about your career progress so hope so this month will grab you better working opportunities


work place would be disturbed due to competition try to avoid some verbal conflicts with friends and family enjoy your self with .


give up your fantasies, reality is waiting for you ,your friends are waiting for you, have fun among them you'll find the true love don't get frustrated follow the light at the end of the tunnel.

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what do cards say about this month ?

The Wheel of Fortune

be open to conversation, to amazing changes in your life, to new challenges and meetings that will make your life more exciting.

P.s just to let every one knows this is former MoonGuardian I've just used a new som user account

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Re: June Forecast 2011
Post # 2
thumbs up
you should continue reading the monthly astrology series!
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Re: June Forecast 2011
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
thank you very good . i lok frward to next months :-) blessings macus
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Re: June Forecast 2011
Post # 4
hi!, i am new to this site and have seen the previous forecasts. i hope that on september, moonguardian could give us some more of her nicely done forecast.
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