wand types of wood ect.

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wand types of wood ect.
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Apple Wood:Apple wood can aid in healing and love magick.Ash:Ash is known as the
tree of wisdom, and strength of purpose.Bacote:Bacote is known as the tree of
divination, wisdom, andclearing. Also used in fertility ritualsCanary
wood:Canary wood is known as the tree of strength, andaffinity.Cocobolo:Cocobolo
is known as the tree of strength, andendurance. Note: Because of its great
beauty and high value, thisspecies has been heavily exploited and the tree is
now in danger ofextinction outside of national parks, reserves and
plantations.Lignum Vitae:Lignum Vitae is an exceptionally powerful magicalwood.
It has strong protective and healing properties and is a very
powerful wood. The name is Latin for "wood of life". Another of itsmany names is
holy wood.Maple Wood:Maple is known as the tree of enchantment. It isfamous for
its unique properties and is used to generateabundance, and imagination
energy.Oak:Oak is known as the tree of endurance, and triumph.Rosewood:Rosewood
is the wood of love. It is good for charmsand love spells.Tulipwood:Tulipwood is
known as the tree of love, and passion.Walnut:Walnut is known as the tree of
intuition.Willow:Willow is known as the tree of creativity, and fertility. Itis
famous for its unique healing properties and is used to generategreat psychic
energy as an aid in divination

remember to thank the tree for its wood for your wand.

dedicate your wand to a god or goddess
On a night during an auspicious waxing moon, place your wand on an altar and
cast a magical circle around your working area. Light candles, incense, and
prepare a small container of anointing fluid. This fluid may be oil, water,
wine, and may contain some of your own bodily fluids. In some traditions blood
is used, in other sexual fluids, but it might simply be some consecrated water
mixed with a little of your saliva. The point is to create a dramatic physical
and astral connection between you and the wand.

After you have cast the circle and banished all evil thoughts and distractions,
invite the spirits of the four quarters to enter your circle and give their
wisdom, protection, and strength to your new wand. Sit before your altar facing
south and purify yourself with water by touching it to your forehead. Then,
taking the wand in your favored hand, anoint it with the anointing fluid,
stroking it up and down its length saying,

I [name] anoint thee to bind thee to me in magical work. Thou art mine and I am

Then, holding the wand by its handle, pass it through the flame of your candle
(being careful not to char the wood!) and say,

With this fire I consecrate and dedicate thee to Elemental Fire and the
achievement of my magical intentions.

Holding the wand tightly, chant Awen or any other mantra you are accustomed to
use to focus your energies. You may also chant the following spell, or something
like it.

By Agni, by Ignis, my courage inflame:
Bright Obraash, brave Ambash, and swift Orion --
Sun, Hunter, Stag -- with thy ardor strong
Join now this wand to my magic name.
Wand spell casting tips
Hold your wand out in front of you, either horizontal or slightly tilted up.
Before casting a spell be sure to wake your wand up by waving it back and forth
until the magic begins to glow out of it.
The magic glow should face upwards.
To begin the spell tap your wand once on a firm horizontal surface (your finger
will work in a pinch).
After tapping your wand you must balance yourself (and your wand). When your
wand is feeling balanced just the tip of the wand will glow. If more than just
the tip is glowing then your wand is not yet feeling balanced - try rocking it
slowly so that it feels comfortable.
Once your wand is balanced you may begin casting the spell.
Remember to enunciate the spell clearly in the direction of your wand as you
cast the spell.
Move your wand in one continuous smooth motion through the spell as you speak
it. You must move your wand like you mean it, or the wand will think you are
just playing around and ignore you!
When you are finished casting the spell quietly hold your wand level so that the
wand knows you have completed the spell and there is no more to follow. The tip
of your wand will glow steadily until it realizes the spell is complete.
When the spell is completed you may wave your wand back and forth or point it in
the direction that you would like the spell to take effect.
Practice makes perfect!

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