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He did helpp me
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Hi you may think that I'm crazy but relay I'm only crazy for love that i last recently and thanks to merjuhaspell my love was back to me. I met my boyfriend 4 years a go we wore such a good friends, after 2 years of friend ship he asked me on date and told me how much he loves me and cares for me.I was so happy about that knowing that my best friend is my boy friend as well. That's how relationship should start right? Well we got our place i moved in with him and life was lake a great dream for a year.He proposed to me right after a year leaving together and ring was put on my finger. Well that happiness didn't last to long. I was sick taking so many different medications and went crazy joules and controlling, I didn't know what was wrong what was right at the time. I was angry mad and wanted him out of my life co use he is talking to other women and i was joules of any women talking to my man.So i gave him ring back Brock his heart and told him i cant deal with you talking to other women for hours and have me. I hurt my man so much Gavin the ring back to him but i was sick and didn't remember much.He try-ed to talk to me but i was mad on him . 2 months later i got so sick hand up in hospital, and find out that medication Va's Cos of my craziness and Paine i cosed to man i love the most. I felt like being different person living inside of me for months some things i remember some don't.Any way may man was kind a nuff to ask about all my problems and i told him how sorry I'm for hurting love of my life. I was so hurt scared and missing him so much , that i went and find this site and contacted i send email and explained all in my email, all i needed to do is send pictures and name of city we live in and country. I received email shortly from him and i felt my life is changing for better right way.I was scared at first but more we exchange emails more i got better.3 weeks after spell was done my ex fiancee text me and wanted as to talk. He opened up for first time after i left, and told me how he loved me but my jealousy drove him a way.After 21 days like i was told by person who was working on my spell that my love will be back to me he did and we engaged again and getting married soon. So please if you have any problems with tour lover just email this kind man to email address
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