Sun Psi Balls

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Sun Psi Balls
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
How to make a psi ball
Warring: This is my way. You can do it in what way you want:
First: Get comfortable and find a source of energy
Start by meditation. Sit crossleget, spine right, take a deep, breath, hold and exhale, your
hands should be upwards facing, palms facing sky, close your eyes and clear your mind.
Take breaths while you form the number in your mind:
breath 1, exhale 2, breath 3, exhale 4.... until 60 or up.
Second: Gather energy
You should visualize a lighting wire connecting you and your source, it fills you a little
starting from your feet, see your body filling with water but instead of water energy, which I
use sun energy with orange colour and a little hot. after your body is full try to keep this
energy for 5 seconds, fill yourself step by step, don't rush.
Then: Cocertrating to hands
Try putting pressure to your energy, lead it to the hands, while you put pressure see the
energy moving towards your hands and the body becoming empty, after you feel mostly on
your hands great vibrations, electricity or something like that move to the other step
Lastly: Imagine this energy getting out of your hands and spinning, and creating a ball. You
should feel it in your mind, you should see it and hear and smell it. It will hear like aircraft,
or like something spining very fast and smell like fire or smoke. Feel it moving.
Tips: Try to fill your body slowly, if you fill it fast you won't have done nothing, if you fill it too
slowly energy will flow out.
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Re: Sun Psi Balls
Post # 2
I will try your way of doing the Sun psi Balls for myself and will let you know how I get on
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Re: Sun Psi Balls
Post # 3
hi i just tried your way and summoned a psi ball i felt the ball in my hand and hear all the sounds it was awesome
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