Bad Landing/or Headaches

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> Bad Landing/or Headaches

Bad Landing/or Headaches
Post # 1

I wanted to ask this question, i am not sure if this is true or not. But i have heard of bad landing with astral projection. Some say its when try to come back into your body to fast. And when that happens you can get a real bad headache afterwords when you wake up.

Has anyone ever had this happen to them? Also i am trying to learn to remember the difference between dreams an aping. Dose anyone have any suggestions? I know people tell me a dream journal is the best.

I want to do a dream journal. Its just i don't want anyone to find it or read it because it would be very strange, intense, vivid stuff sometimes. Espically if i draw out my dreams etc.

What do you guys suggest??

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Re: Bad Landing/or Headac
Post # 2
It would help to keep a dream journal because you can go back to them later even if you forgot them and you can see if they mean anything. Youll just have to find somewhere to put it that no one would look for it or come across it
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Re: Bad Landing/or Headaches
Post # 3
the way you know if you were astral projecting or dreaming is that when you astral project is it is in color and when you dream it is in black and white. and the whole bad landing thing I'm not sure but I do know that sometimes I have fallin asleep while I had been trying to force myself out of my body and have woken up with a bad headache and not being able to remember dreaming which I have been told could have been from trying to force myself out of my body before I was really ready for that step and the reason I didnt dream is because I was aping and not being able to remember, I dont know if that is true or not but I hope I helped.
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Re: Bad Landing/or Headaches
Post # 4

Thanks for the info guys hopefully can find more information on it :)

Dark Blessings

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