Ghost detected in room

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Ghost detected in room
Post # 1
Hello everyone,
Im posting this thread cause i have detected a ghostlike creature in my room in dormitory and i have some questions.. Basically I need some help.

When me and my roomate moved in this room, she was telling me about weird thigs she was seeing and hearing in the room,like hearing water while she was not in the bathroom, or noticing the door opening sometimes. Eventhough i didnt pay so much attention, cause we werent friends back then, so i couldnt blindly trust her sayings..

Anyway, within those 3 years we live here, we came to the conclusion there is a spirit in this room, but the vibrations i was getting from it were not negative, so we didnt consider it as a threat for us..

However, some days ago, after deep meditation i saw something like a face, with big edged teeth and two black eyes, its shape was abstract but the impresion of the face was clear! In addition, i sensed its presence when i was ready to sleep right next to me, something lke a pale shadow.

When i told that to my roomate, i asked her if she was feeling those presences within her life and she admitted she could sense a presence since 10 years old, and that she never feels alone. She admitted to me that she maybe brought it here with her, cause i havent met with it before she came to this room, and if it was here before, i could sense it.

When it s close, i feel my spine trembling but i cant say if this is bad!I sometimes even sense it is afraid... I get totally different vibrations when my guardian angel gets in physical contact with me. Anyway,We both dont feel threatened, eventhough the face wasnt that pretty, to be honest...

So the questions are, Could this be a ghost or something else?
Is it possible my roomate is haunted somehow,or it can be attached to the room?
What kind of issues those spirits tend to cause,energy loss maybe? Is there any danger?
Is it necessary to banish it?

I ve never had a ghostlike issue before, im generally very possitive and full of joy, but my roomate has a dark tendency.
So any information provided will be so useful!

I d be grateful to you
Thanks in Advance!
Blessed Be all!:)

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Re: Ghost detected in room
By: / Novice
Post # 2
It's most likely some kind of Fae, they are known to cause mischief around the house. If you leave it something to do like have a Rose planted and ask it to look after it.

If you would like to know more please just mail me
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Re: Ghost detected in room
Post # 3
Thank you for the reply... You ve just opened another window for me:)
Blessed Be!
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