Orb in my room.

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Orb in my room.
Post # 1
Hi, i'm a vlogger and I film myself in my room most times.
I edited a video, I rendered it and then I watched it on big screen. Amazed to find an orb that was moving rather oddly! I am 100% sure it wasn't a lens flare as I wasn't moving at all while it had this weird pattern of movement. it went sideways very smoothly and then rush down out of shot very fast.

I don't understand because I haven't done anything in relation to spirituality in such a long time. A few years actually. Although I've played with the ouija only about 3 times this year, but never again. And the last time I did was no less than a month ago. It's a very faint orb, whitish. and it was just flying across my face.

What is it? Can someone give me a low down on orbs?

I've become really busy with day to day life (I'm on my internship working 12 hours a day 5 days a week), and I just have no time with orbs messing around.

Also, When im lying in bed, visualizing white positive energy surrounding my body (and no, before you say anything I am not paranoid, im not frightened either) but when i meditate in bed in general creeks start happening all over my room until I stop. Crackles in places that aren't suppose to be crackling. Like my brick wall right next to me. Coincidental?

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Re: Orb in my room.
Post # 2
They say that orbs are the precursor to a spirit manifests itself.

I belive that an orb is a form of static energy and sparks caused by friction between our world ande the spirit world.

I have also noticed that the walls creak when I meditate.
This is due to natural causes, as you become more aware during meditation.

Spirits come and go, the are attracted to sensitive persons.
Probably they stay only a short time.
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