healing rune ritual!

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> healing rune ritual!

healing rune ritual!
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
hi this is a ritual i wrote for a friend. please edit it or correct somethings. suggestions are great. thanks!
1-go to a body of water and clear your mind. mediate for a while if you chose. connect with the water and ask the spirits of the waters guide you to the stone...
2-start with cleansing the space your about to do the ritual. first, phsically cleaning it. vaccuming, brooming, etc. also do a ritual bath. when you get in, sprinkle the empowered salt in the water. get in then imagine yourself pure, removed of negative clutters.
3-create a mini-altar. it can be on the floor. have a pentagram somewhere you can put candles on. the pentagram could be drawn on paper.
4-cleanse with salt. put your hand over the salt and empower it. then, sprinkle salt over the candles, marker, etc. image the salt glowing and image the glowing washing or destroying the negative energies on your supplies. do this to your space and altar too!
6-put a pentagram on the floor. a drawing of a pentgram on paper is okay. but make sure its big. make sure the top in the pentagram is pionting north. set the cleansed candles on the pentagram and light them CLOCKWISE. put the candles to their corresponding pionts. like, white on top, etc. while lighting, say "creature of spirit, aid me in my ritual today, stand next to me while i empower this stone, so mote it be!" remember to light clockwise. invoke the elements while lighting the other candles using the same prayer. just switch the element word with the element your praying to. like "creature of water" "creature of air" etc. feel free to edit of change the prayer!! then, call to the Lord and Lady. say, "lord and lady, hear my call, be with me today and help me with this ritual, lend me your power! so mote it be!" feel the lord and lady's presence and also the elements. meditate and tap into thier power.
7-take the stone and hold it over the white candle. and say, "creature of spirits, hear my plea, fill this stone with your power, empower this stone with your healing power, so mote it be." go clockwise, use the same prayer as you go. obviously, instead of saying "creature of spirit" say "creature of water" at the blue candle. "creature of earth" at the green candle. then stand and say, "lord and lady, empower this stone with your healing and protective energies, so mote it be!" everytime going around imagine your stone glowing at each piont. at the north piont, while saying the prayer, imagine a white mist flowing into your stone, then imagine it glowing with whit light. at water, blue mist, and it glowing with blue light etc. do this at each quarter. when you do the prayer to the lord and lady imagine their energies flowing into the stone. do this for the marker too!
9-take the stone and the marker and draw the rune on the stone. while doing so, imagine the marker's energy melting into the symbol. when you are done, imagine the symbol on the stone glowing.10- then, after stand, and say, "lord and lady, spirits of spirit, water, air, earth, and fire, lend me your power, may this stone bring protection and healing to its wielder, may this stone be forever charged, and may it never lose power! so mote it be!!" imagine the stone glowing wild.
11-put the stone in the middle of the pentagram. finally, release the elements. start with the north piont, and snuff the candle out. do not blow at the candle! use a snuffer, or some thing that will not burn with it come in contact with the candle. "creature of spirit, thank you for your help, may peace be with you, stay if youd like, leave if youd like, hail and farewell!" do this with every element, going COUNTER-CLOCKWISE. for the lord and lady, say, "lord and lady, i thank you for assisting me today, leave if you wish, stay if you wish, hail and farewell!"
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