Energy connection?

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Energy connection?
Post # 1
Okay so i know im against the whole "fireball" concept. Believe me i have never tried what im going to tell you so just asking if people have and the results.

You can make a psi ball yes? You can bend, move, manipulate your energy. So can you connect your energy with an elements energy?

If you could do this.. then you could make a psi ball or move your energy, and that would move the element also...So in turn you could technically create a fireball. Well a fire energy ball?

Im just starting practice with elements so im wondering if people have tried before i go out of my way to.

If you post here saying "you can't make a fireball its fantasy" Then just dont post at all, because you clearly didnt read my post correctly.

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Re: Energy connection?
Post # 2
using fire energy, you can make a "fireball" of energy. but its not physical, its the energetic representation of fire. yes its possible
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Re: Energy connection?
Post # 3
I would say your reasoning is valid and can be applied to many forms of energy Liniaria.

Psi balls are very malleable and can be used to contain elemental "flavours" as well as emotive "Flavours"
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Re: Energy connection?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
As they suggested before me, the "psi ball" is just a ball of energy. It can be any energy. The element of fire is alchemically viewed as the spark of warmth within all living things. It is believed to be the light; a purifying, life giving force that can cleanse and otherwise be a highly beneficial force.

This concept is often applied to "shields" that are generally little more than an expanded psi ball that protects the self in a sphere shape, burning away negative energies and otherwise preventing negative influences. It can also be used within consecration and purification rituals, where one will cleanse one's self with an energy such as this, as well as ritual tools and other such items that are sometimes even passed through an actual flame.

So on, so forth.
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