Discrimination of Belief

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Forums -> Comments -> Discrimination of Belief

Discrimination of Belief
By: / Novice
Post # 1
It seems though when I came back onto this site, Christian Wiccans gained some popularity.
Though it seems most of it through bashing.
The thing that makes me curious is, is how is there bashing of witchcraft centric religions when it seems like so many people come to witchcraft to escape the bounds of mainstream religion.
I never really cared much for it. But it seems like it truely is getting out of hand, with apparently some unnamed members receiving harassment through the mail system.
So, I'm wondering what you think about this. Do you think something should be done?
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Re: Discrimination of Belief
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
The "bashing" that I have witnessed is typically due to a lack of knowledge of the terminology that is being used one way or the other. For example, Wicca is specifically a variety of witchcraft revival created in the early 20th century, involving the worship of "pagan" ideas and gods. The very word pagan means anything that is not christian. Therefore Christian Wiccan is somewhat of an oxymoron. The original Wiccan concepts frequently offer no place for many of the traditional Christian Concepts, and vice versa.

Christian mysticism? Ah, now that makes a lot more sense.

Yes, I think something should be done: study. Actual understanding of your tradition and its history would go a long way.
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Re: Discrimination of Belief
Post # 3
Actually that name was given to the coven by its founder who is not here anymore..

I think you should ask the people in the coven which part they would like to be removed from the title and the answer might shock you.

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Re: Discrimination of Belief
Post # 4

I actually see a lot of bashing towards other paths, though not quite as often these days. The reason for it is strong belief and lack of deep, original thought.

Too often do people literally refuse to look at things from a less biased point of view. It's bothersome, and frustrating. And not only are those who despair "Christian Wiccans" but those to several other paths will commonly be found doing this.

I like to try and stretch the concepts people learn to strictly live and practice by. To open their minds to something with fewer rules, and many more suggestions, I usually end up in a heated debate arguing with someone who would rather chew off their own arm than to for one moment question the rules they learned by.

Same thing with religion... If you grow up, and your beloved parents teach you something, and give you the idea that if it were to cease the whole world would perish, then you most certainly will defend this belief or what you consider hard fact to the bitter end.
If you are a strong minded pagan, and you see some random person walking around saying that they are a Christian Wiccan then your mind gets all muddled. It is because of the idea that since Christianity and Wicca typically contradict each other on a regular basis that they can't possibly form together as a united religion.


Because separatism is all you know, and by gods you will jump to call them on what you consider, impossible or illogical.

It's a question of how much you're willing to stretch the fabric of society. Just as white, and black contrast so wonderfully, that middle gray can still be made even if you have to mix it up a bit.

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Re: Discrimination of Belief
Post # 5
Agreed completely Nallius.
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Re: Discrimination of Belief
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
You can stretch anything to the ends of the earth, Nallius, but in doing so it doesn't make the thing any more logical.

Ask many of the younger ones why they choose this particular title and it will be "I follow both paths". That is contradictory. It's similar to the self proclaimed LaVeyans who want to know how to sell their soul to the devil (another pet peeve of mine lol). Lack of information doesn't excuse it or make it ok. Nor does it mean that everyone should be accepting of the newly formed path that tends to get under the skin of those who have actually read a book or two.

Now if someone was to say "I'm taking the old meaning of the word in the form of wicca or wicce"..I, personally, would receive it a lot better. It would be a bit dramatic to use that label in such a manner considering it has since lost the majority of the meaning and in truth, most people don't use Old English on a regular or even periodic basis, but still. It would show a level of intelligence and hint of study.

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Re: Discrimination of Belief
Post # 7

In this I agree with you Rashnu, my only thought is it's not impossible because its illogical, and not all cases seen this way really are illogical.

What I meant is the entirety of either do not contradict each other. It is a lack of understanding to think that because of what does contradict, that there can't be a middle ground found. Wiccan does not surround itself around completely disagreeing with Christianity, and nor does Christianity completely form itself around disagreeing with Wiccan. The point I make is that there are aspects of either that can indeed be used to form a united religion just as many other paths in the world have been formed.

Ex. Judaism, Islam, and Christianity
Their roots are the same religion, but differ greatly, and large portions of each contradict each other.

I truly feel the word "contradiction" to be overused in this case, and I often wonder if there is any other reason people find to lose their heads over and become as offensive and sure-to as we've all witnessed.
I suppose for me, it's like hearing, "study your basics" spoken by different people, sequentially in chat, all answering the same question.

You tell someone they don't have to study their basics, and people think you're an idiot. Are you? Or are you simply saying that it is highly suggested that the basics be studied rather than it is a matter of life and death that they study those basics! Because, what will happen if you don't study them? Your practice/study from thereon will probably be useless. But hey, who ever said you absolutely MUST be successful in magic?

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Re: Discrimination of Belief
By: / Beginner
Post # 8
Amazing what a few different choices of words can do to an entire concept, huh? =P
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Re: Discrimination of Belief
Post # 9

Absolutely my friend XD

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Re: Discrimination of Belief
Post # 10
Yes, of course something should be done! We can't have threats being made to people and ignore it!
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