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No Subject
Post # 1 the Darkness
That dwells deep inside
I keep you warm when pain steals your pride
Twisted dark side...
I...know all your fears
Know what you hold dear
The distorted image in the mirror
Hidden like a loving terror...
We...can be bold
When I take hold
Look inside my heart of death and cold
Nothing lies there but endless nightmares untold.
I am part of one, part of three.
This is what is inside of me...
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Re: No Subject
Post # 2
Oh I know this! If I may, this is the second bit of that: the Light
The bird of hope taken flight
May my arms be ready to hold you tight
Golden hearted lit so bright...
I...know all your wishes
To keep in the clouds of happy blisses
With tender care and welcoming kisses
Longing of that all we surely will misses...
We...can be wise
When I am by your side
My soul is filled with birth and the need to help guide
All those who stray to fear and hide.
I am part of one, part of three.
This is what is inside of me..."

I hope thats all correct lol I don't think I forgot any of it.
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Re: No Subject
Post # 3
....Oh my goodness, I so know what this is, Noir. I read it when I started magick. It's about the the human aspect of ourselves and what lies in us, is it not? But why not post all of it? I only know the last two parts but since romans beat me to it, I guess the third one is mine. This is so me thats why I have this whole thing down by memory! :D the Day Rain
The both of pleasure and pain
The line between sane and insanity
The order of chaos tamely untamed...
I...know all of that lies between
In love, good, hope, and dream I have been
Of hate, evil, doubt, and nightmares I have seen
All have come with all that it shall bring...
We...can be one
Our thirds together and done
The birth of a baby, the death of a loved one
We hold all together in a grateful bond.
I am but one part of three
But together we are one
Together we make what is inside of me.

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Re: No Subject
Post # 4
1.) Cool
2.)I've never heatrd that before...what is it?
It's so cool how 3 people did each part xD Teamwork!
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