I think im Awakening!!!

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Forums -> Welcome -> I think im Awakening!!!

I think im Awakening!!!
Post # 1
I am scared but i have no idea, i was in the sun walking around town and it was hot!!! my friends said i have been getting pale recently and when i was in the sun my skin was getting red and blotchy, i have been thirsty all day i order a large coke in mac donalds and drunk it all and was still thirsty, i had all of my friends water and was still thirsty..... IT WAS A WHOLE LITRE! I have had up and down crazy emotions..... I dont want to drink blood though anyone help? Am I awakening? My friend thinks I am a OtherKin.. what ever that is.. any help will help me! Thankyou Blessed Be
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Re: I think im Awakening!!!
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I would check these symptoms out with a doctor. It doesn't sound like anything magical to me. These seem to be physical symptoms, probably from some kind of physical cause.

Awakening (if you want to call it that) is usually more like seeing energy for the first time or learning that you can see ghosts/spirits. It typically does not have this kind of negative physical/emotional side effects.

Go to a doctor, tell them about all the symptoms you've had, let them do whatever tests they think are a good idea, it might be something unhealthy. It may also be nothing to worry about but it would be best to have a doctor look at you just in case.
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Re: I think im Awakening!!!
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
A warm, sunny day will make you have a red and blotchy appearance. Particularly when you are dehydrated and otherwise possess a pale skin complexion.

Further, coke generally possesses little to no nutritional value and does not serve to quench thirst. You do not see people on a marathon grabbing bottles of coke from bystanders as they run.

Gatorade or water, ah... now then that'd be different.

Hydrate yourself, wear sunblock, wear weather appropriate clothing, and move on with life.
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