Dead people

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Dead people
Post # 1
Hi i had a dream l saw my dead friend felicia we were in front of other ladies gistin when felicia told them she want to stroll with me,then elderly fat woman who seems to be control warns us not to eat a passion fruit that it wil lead to our death,on our way a particular hansome tall man stop us and lmediatly felicia fell inlove wit him and he offer her the fruit which she ate l try stopin her,she now told me to go back she wil continue her journey alone l try folowin her bt l could not l went back l told them and they started crying felicia is lost,the folowin nyt l dreamt about dead people pursueing me and my friends we try hidin at different level of secure rooms which they penetrated but atlast l found a more higer level secure room which they could nt penetrate pls can anyone explain this dreams
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Re: Dead people
Post # 2
First off, your spelling is herocious. Can you try to spell out the words next time please because I cannot understand you very well. Now as for your dream, it could have shown that your friend may die soon. Maybe from the exact events that occured in your dream or maybe from some other horrible event. Or it could have just been a dream. Dreams usually consist of what you want to happen or what you don't want to happen. Whatever you may think it is, it's probably true.
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Re: Dead people
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Go to the dream interpretation part of the site. If you don't know how click on fortunes up on the top of the yellow bar and then click on dreams, or something like that. It doesn't always help me but you can try it and see if it works for you.
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Re: Dead people
Post # 4
the dream maybe is a sign the passion fruit maybe her heart might be failing tell to go to the doctors and it sound a little like the story of Persephone u should read that it might give u a answer
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Re: Dead people
Post # 5
thanks l have read the story of persperone,lanchanis l have an an unresolve issue with my househelp,l saw my friend a day before she die and now people are kilin eachother today in my state just because of the election going on and the winner is a christian, am just scared am seeing my dead friend in my dreams
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