How Imp are moon phases

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How Imp are moon phases
Post # 1
I understand the importance of doing spells during the correct phase of the moon..waxing to rid, waning to bring, etc. However what if it's not possible to coordinate with the moon phase because it would take too much time? Can you still do a spell to,say, banish something during the waning phase and e successful? In a situation such as this, does paying special attention to the day of the week and hour compensate for the incorrect moon phase?
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Re: How Imp are moon phases
Post # 2

First let me address the information about the moon phases which you had incorrect and add some other information while im at it. (quick brief skim of info)

Waning Gibbous

The wanning gibbous is when the moon is moving into its last quarter, its a reducing of light from the moon at that point in time etc, thus it promotes the use of energy to "rid or remove" things.

Banishments, Removal of hexes/jinxes, cleansings are a few of the many things supported by thewaningmoon.

Thewaninggibbous is the coming of the dark moon, a time of rest in one aspect

Waxing Gibbous

The waxing gibbous is the moon that increases gradually into a full moon, thus promoting in energy wise the increase of things.

Money spells,healing, certain divinatory arts

It is said that if you cut your hair during this phase it, will easily grow back. This is cause of the various celestial energies that bombard our physical/spiritual bodies on a daily basis

Full moon

This moon allows for you enter into all various energies thus containing no waxing/wanning, all spells can be easily cast on this day. it is also said spells are more powerful because of the full frequency of the moon's energy which makes itself present.


Eclipses are rare vents often combining both sun and moon energy into one creates a massive amount of energy. Eclipses are extremely powerful and actually empower spells greater than that of a full moon ( just like an astrological event)

New moon

The new moon, brings a "new" vibration into being. It promotes any thing new, good for changing location, getting new things going on a new path things of that nature. It is just like a full moon in a sense of frequency but just the vibration is noomnipotent.

Dark moon

The dark of the moon is a time when the sky looks black and there is no visible moon in sight. The energy goes to a low point but inverts a bit. Negative things may thrive on this but there are allot of positive forces that do come out of the dark moon. Even in advanced blood magick, you have to understand the dark goddesses of transformation and many women in the field may use their menstral blood.


Now as for your question, yes you can't cast spells at any time, but as a beginner you need all the energy you can get so the moon is one good way of dealing with it Remember this is just a quick skim you can get more lengthy explainations on the web.

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Re: How Imp are moon phases
Post # 3
Sorry, I mixed the two. The gist of the question was regarding whether it was still ok to do bc I've read mixed ideas about it across the web. Thanks.
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Re: How Imp are moon phases
Post # 4
Facebook really gets me when I see a post i like I look for a like button. But great information for beginners.
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Re: How Imp are moon phases
Post # 5
oh i just realized my typo and i appologize,

You can cast spells at any given time, but as a beginner following the moon phases is best cause it assists you with the energy thats being put out, sorry i made my typo error that caused such mis-information
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