Binding Spells?

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Binding Spells?
Post # 1
I was looking through the spell section, and found binding spells.
what are these spells, and what do they do?
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Re: Binding Spells?
Post # 2
binding spells keep people from doing certain actions such as bothering you
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Re: Binding Spells?
Post # 3
there are two types of binding spells. the first is love binding spells...where you bind two souls together so that neither one is capable of loving anyone but the other. then there are the binding spells that prevent someone from doing something to freezer spells where you bind someone from speaking badly about you for example. if you google binding spells you will find a lot of information about them. be careful with this type of spell however...i know love binding spells can be difficult to reverse. and remember, if you do a love binding spell you are taking the person as you find them and binding yourself to them if they were a manipulative jerk, and you bind yourself to them, they are still going to be a manipulative you have to make sure that is the person you want your soul binded to forever.
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Re: Binding Spells?
Post # 4
I will add to what's been answered:

There is also a very powerful binding spell that will bind a person from being able to sense energies and use magic. Might I just say I do not recommend this level of binding. Karmatically there are repercussions that are great. Also, this is a severe thing to do to a person. Aside from whether to do this is the ability. I have only known very ancient souls of priests and priestesses to be able to perform such a spell.

I would also like to suggest an alternative to binding anything in another. I would suggest placing a spell on yourself before any other person, especially without their permission. If you are having an issue with someone trying to harm you physically or with energy, perform a protection spell on yourself. Charm an amulet and wear it. Meditate daily and reinforce a protective shield around you.

Many blessings and best wishes
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