casting a circle

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casting a circle
Post # 1
My question is this do u need to cast a circle first to perform a spell like if i wrote my own spell do i need to cast a circle or can i just say the spell out loud with the herbs and candles or anything of my choosing and does it have to be performed at night
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Re: casting a circle
Post # 2
it would be much better to cast a circle because when you cast a circle, you keep the magic and energy you are raising "in" the circle and it also protects you from what is "out" of the circle
Overall it is better to cast a circle when using a spell
And it doesn't need to be performed at night, just do it when the best time of day/night is
I myself, feel better doing spells and my rituals at night but that may not be the same for everyone~

Good luck and blessed be~
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Re: casting a circle
Post # 3

The circle serves a few purposes , it contains the energy you raise through your incantation and ritual acts , until such a time that you decide to release it at the climax of the ritual.It also serves as a psychological barrier , circle time is sacred time .

It dosnt have to be complicated but be consistant, that's one of the key points , if you use the same method each time ( don't be hung up about it ,sometimes its good to use different methods depending on the magick ) it becomes your own mental fortress .

Hope that helps Brother

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Re: casting a circle
Post # 4
I have not casted that many spells in my years as a practitioner, but mainly because I can get just about anything I need with my own two hands. Those few times I did cast a spell, I always cast a circle first just for the "better be safe than sorry" thing.

~ Wolftrest
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Re: casting a circle
Post # 5
But can casting a circle go wrong are there any tips apart from the tips from this web site?
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Re: casting a circle
Post # 6
Casting the circle.

A circle serves a dual purpose, firstly to contain the energy that you generate during the magical operation, its second purpose is to form a psychological barrier, energy can blow in from all sources.

There are four keys to casting a circle regardless of the method used.

1. Consistency, the repeated use of the same method of casting a circle builds up it strength and integrity. You should not be slavish to any one method and should employ a number of procedures such as one for angelic work, one for meditation, work this in accord with your own needs. Remember to build up slowly start with getting one down then start to memorize another.

2. Memorization. You must try and memorize these Circle casting, once they become memorized they take on a different feel, when you can take a little of your attention off the circle casting it become a method of entering a trance sate conductive to the work you are doing, hence having a number of casting methods to colour your trance state with.

3. Visualization. Your visualizations must be strong, if your visualization skills aren?t good you need to work on another way of sensing it, feel it, here the crackle of the flames etc. The visualization of the circle aids its strength and sharpens your visualization skills. You should practice them, by practice I mean don?t actually perform the ritual just run through the steps without the tools or visualization a little like an actor learning his or her lines.

4. Faith. You have to believe in what your doing event if you can see it or sense it, just try to know that you can and are practicing real magic, the same as hundreds of thousand of people have since the dawn of mankind as a species. This can often be helped by a series of meditations based on faith in your practice.

Ideas for circles.

I have devised a circle that can be cast instantly and quickly, I use this when out and about and need to do something and when I?m just meditating, I have one for angelic ( both good and bad ) a general one and then one I can use depending on the planetary influence I?m wanting to work under.
A double circle can be employed with sigils around the circumference between the two. I have used material in the past and chalked the circle onto it and laid it out, that way it can be washed and re used (wash it on its own and put salt in when you wash it).

Ritual structure

The circle can follow a general structure which I will step out below you can add your own flesh to these bones.

1. The drawing of the circle. Drawing the circle physically either with tools or with your index finger.
2. The blessing of the elements. Salt and water on your alter or earth energy in one hand and water energy in the other combine them and drop the ball of energy like a bomb into the circle to sanctify it
3. The sanctifying of the boundary. Sprinkle the circle with the salt & water solution with accompanying words and gestures
4. The calling of the quarters. You can call either the elemental quarters or the angels whatever are your preferred elemental representations.

The Uncast the Circle

1. Thank and return the quarters, either thank and release the angels or thank the elemental kings for their assistance.
2. See the energy of the circle reverting to the line you drew earlier.
3. Clear away the elements.
4. Draw the power of the circle back into yourself.

Advice and tips

? Start of small and build up, break down big circle castings into smaller parts and practice those parts and combine them together.
? Add personal touches to any circle casting to make it yours.
? Use props if you like such as drawing the names or circle circumference on cloth and stand on that when you?re working.
? If you?re planning to do some pretty big spirit summoning or evocation make sure your practice your circle castings first for at least a few weeks if not longer.

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Re: casting a circle
Post # 7
Thanks warlock
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Re: casting a circle
Post # 8
Anybody know a good video that shows how to cast a circle im a visual learner but i dont want to go to youtube
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