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Post # 1

Just introducing myself to you all, I class myself as a warlock ( male witch) I live in the UK and have been practicing for over 20 years ( yes ! that means Im old , I have been a member of a number of covens and magickal orders in my life but currently I have no affiliation to any group.

I consider my magick of a rather gray variety,and have no problem using it for my own ends and my own benefit. I do help other with my art and am happy to get involved in projects that are what I consider White magick.

I have recently undergone a very intense & personal initiation ( I doubt its quite finished with me yet) and as such have decided to enter into the fray of magickal life with others (hence me joining this site).

I am happy to help out and give my opinion but be warned it is exactly that MY OPINION which has been forged out of the granite of life, if you aren't in agreement with these options that's ok by me, you haven't lived my life so wont necessarily agree with what I say, but if you ask for my opinion please don't be offended when you get a frank and honest answer.

My favorite Authors

Benjimin Rowe
Anton Le Vay
Dion Fortune
Paul Huson.
Basil Crouch.
Alister Crowley.
Isreal Regardie.
WG Gray
DJ Conway

First book i ever read:- Psychic explorer by Carl Sagan
Last Book I read:- Lord of light and shadow DJ Conway
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Re: Hello
Post # 2
Hi there!!!
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Re: Hello
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
hello and welcome to the site. i am a beginner however if i can offer any help then just ask i shall be more than willing to share what i can ( which is not a lot just being a begginner :-) ) blessings macus
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Re: Hello
Post # 4
Thankyou Marcus , should I need anything I will contact you and i extend the same gratitude to you . ( keeping the above in mind )
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Re: Hello
By: / Novice
Post # 5

Hello Warlock and welcome to Spells of Magic. Your personal bio sounds great. Why not update your profile and write this under your personal bio and also add a picture or avatar of yourself.

I hope you find whatever your heart desire. Blessed be.

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