Can u interpret my dream?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Can u interpret my dream?

Can u interpret my dream?
Post # 1
Falling elevator dream? What does it mean?

I was in a class room / hospital I was angry and annoyed at everyone, when the class was over I headed fob the elevator to go to the 46 floor, tiw little girls an a little boy got in with ne as well as a white man. Sometimes he was there and sometimes he wasn't. I pushed the buttOn for the 46 th floor an off we went suddenly the elevator started to shake a little and then it knew we were going to fall. It started to fall and then it stopped and stared tO go up again and then I fell again I helD on to the children, actually I only hugged the little boy. The white guy disappeared here. I tried pressin the buttons for help and to stop it but none of it worked. Then it stopped I opened the elevator doors and saw nothing around bu wall. So I turned the elevator around using the wall till I found an opening he white man jumped off said something about his floor only being a few floors down so he'll jet walk through the tunnel, I helped the kids up to he floor of the 41 floor and the man gave the kids some money told them to be bacreful then hel walked/ ran away when I looked up at the kids they were gone I helPed my self up to the floor it was the 41 floor. I laied on the ground and began to cry then a class mate who u recognized but didn't know saw me crying he laid down on the floor in front of me told me it was ok and that he didn't mean to steal my paper, I kept crying and pointed to the elevator so he would see why I was crying he walked over and then turned around and looked at me his face say OMG!. then I woke up.
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Re: Can u interpret my dream?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Try using the dream interpretation part of the site. So all you have to do is go to fortunes and click on dreams or something like that. It might work for you but it usually doesn't for me since I have really weird dreams that never seem to make sense.
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